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I guess I’m somewhat of a "rogue" blogger    –I’ve been tagged many times, but, have never played because, well, I was ALWAYS swamped with so many other things at the time, and, I really didn’t have the time (it’s hard when you get tagged 3-4x all at once), and, well, I’m just not into it?    Don’t get me wrong!  I think it’s cool and fun for folks that dig it!  I’ve been told there are no rules, and participation is optional, so I genuinely hope I haven’t offended by not playing in the past.

I have a wee little break today, and, since the 3 last taggings this week had to do with revealing 7 random things about myself, I decided I could try it . . . just this once . . .  But, if I get tagged again in the future, and don’t play, pleeeeaaaase don’t be mad at me, ‘K?  It’s not cuz I don’t like you!  I’m just a deviant!    *chortle*   

Hmmmmmmmmm.  7 random things.

  1. I am married 23 years to my high school sweetheart; we met when I was a freshman, and he a sophomore.
  2. SPAM and rice is one of my favorite food combos; it’s comfort food for me, having grown up with it as a child.
  3. My freshman year in college, I scolded my dorm roomie for leaving a snack of hers out and letting it get all moldy.  As she was flushing it down the toilet, incredulous over the fact that I had never ever seen marijuana before and genuinely had no clue that this was indeed what she was disposing of, I stood in abject horror, terrified that at any second, officials would come busting through the door, and that we would be expelled from school, and thrown in jail to rot for all eternity . . .
  4. I’m allergic to artichokes.  The allergy developed later on in my adult life, much to my extreme disappointment, as I loved artichoke hearts; they cause my tongue to swell, and potentially cut off my wind-pipe, as well as the sensation of thousands of needles stabbing me in the mouth.  ICK!
  5. I studied classical piano from 3rd grade through senior year of high school.  I have never owned my own piano, but, someday, maybe I’ll get lucky. My playing sucks now, due to lack of practice.
  6. I don’t like camping and don’t understand why other people do.
  7. I snore.
  1. You are one hilarious gal…love reading your blog posts! Boy, I too, LOVE Spam and rice (grew up eating that as a staple). Could you be part Filipino??? Hehehee…I know many people gawk at that kind of combo – but meez love it and glad to know I have a SPAM sister out there. Did you know that they have a SPAM warehouse in Hawaii in case there was any food shortage out there from, let’s say, caused by a natural disaster??? I know I read that somewhere a long time ago…Ok, nough about SPAM. Love your work!

  2. HAAAAA! Girl you are SO FUNNY! I love your randomness! Bummer about the artichoke, I’ll eat yours. :) I grew up with SPAM too (it’s an islander thing) – Yum. Zzzzsnaaa-k-k-CHOKE-k-hmsssnnaaazz that would be my husbands snore, you’d get along fabulously! Cheers!

  3. Since I know your mom is from Kauai–the love for Spam & rice must’ve come from your mom making it. Did she make you musubis for you too?

  4. Julie, I’m right there with you on #6, LOL! And I didn’t hear any snoring coming from the living room in Portland! ;)

  5. Poor Julie, doomed to an existence devoid of Spinach & Artichoke dip. That’s just SO SAD! I can’t imagine it. And you can tell that you’ve successfully fooled all of us, because you look to be in your early 30s, even though we KNOW you’ve got a child about to graduate HS.

  6. WHAT!?!? How can you live in the Pacific Northwest and NOT love camping! It’s what WE do out here. Smores, hot chocolate, not showering for days at a time. . .come on – what could be more fun?

    You crack me up!

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