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Link: *e*: you asked for it….

I am still ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Great photos. Isn’t it nice when we can get together with our stamping friends. Can’t wait to see your daughter’s pics.
    I love the elzbell line. I have a few in a shopping cart, waiting for me.. Hugs, Chris

  2. Julie…hope you don’t mind…I am tagging you, please see my blog for details :) I look forward to getting to know you more

  3. missing you these days — hoping it’s just that you’re super busy and having too much fun to be bothered with the computer. But if it’s not, know that we’re out here thinkin’ about you!

  4. happy to’ve found this blog; linking you up.

  5. That was too funny!!! What a great video!! How did he keep a straight face thru all of that????

  6. very VERY funny! What a fabulous DH you have.

  7. that was hilarious, thanks for the laugh

  8. ROFL “scrapbooking habitat”

  9. This is too funny! TFS

  10. *snort*

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