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I did sumpin’ a wee bit tricksy on this design.  Have you figured it out?  I was feeling quite smug with myself when I did it . . . heh, heh, heh!–JulieHRR

Oh, that’s clever! I don’t think Amuse makes a stamp that says "go girl," so you took the "girl" from "girls night out," and freehanded the "go." Love it!–Teresa E.

You’re right, Teresa!  A Muse doesn’t have a "go, girl!" stamp!  Good eye!     

I inked and stamped the "g" first, and then cleaned the stamp very thoroughly, making sure there was no residual ink left on it. Then, I reinked the "g" again, but, omitted the "tail", so that when I turned the image and stamped, the resulting effect was an "o". *grin*

Then, I inked only the letters in that image that formed the word "girl", stamped that, and then free-handed the exclamation point to match!

I know, I know . . . such a little thing.  But, it’s the little things that make me skip around all happy! *chuckle*

Oh, and the motion effect of the ball was created by inking the stamp partially, stamping it off onto scratch paper, then stamping onto the project several times in succession, and then 3D mounting a full-inked version there on the end.  I love that little trick, too!

OK, a few of you asked about Carol Duvall’s Show being back on HGTV!  As I understand it, they are bringing back her show (repeats) to the HGTV channel here in North America.  This is purely speculation on my part, but, my guess is that none of the shows that they replaced hers with had anywhere near the same ratings.  No offense to the new shows, but, none of them even held a candle to Carol’s show, for me personally.

Will they invite her to film any new episodes?  I have no idea.  But, if she does, I tell you right now:  somebody’s gonna have to put me in restraints so I don’t bounce clean off my chair and through the roof in my excitement! *wink*

Toni, once again–thank you for sharing that great news with me!  I was grinnin’ so hard, m’ face hurt! LOL!

Happy Monday to all!


  1. Julie, I LOVE this! You are the cleverest!

  2. That is *genius*. How do you think of this stuff?

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