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Yesterday was a particularly happy mail day, despite being buried under a mountain (still) of receipts and tax forms.

I got my copy of Paper Crafts’ Holiday Cards, Vol. 2! Yippeeeeeee!!!  It was particularly gratifying because these three projects actually came together quickly and easily in the planning stage, and made it all the way through from conception to the finished stage, without any re-working!

Designing within parameters is different from random submitting, and can take me considerably more time to accomplish.  When I’m creating just for me, I have the liberty of using virtually *anything*–the door is wiiiiiiide open!

Parameters, however, are harder to work within–at least, for me, they tend to be.  It’s not uncommon to have to keep some, sometimes even all, of the following requirements in mind when designing on demand/request:

  1. Project type (could be a card, could be home decor, could be gift packaging)
  2. Certain age and gender of recipient
  3. Specific occasion
  4. Use only materials X, Y and Z
  5. Keep the focus on ____technique
  6. Provide a complete supply list (current product, nothing retired, or that "might" retire in the next year please) and clear, concise written instructions
  7. Get it to this location, by ____date

Sounds easy enough, at least in theory, right?  But, darned if my brain doesn’t slam into a wall, and flounder around.  Why?   Well, I sit there and ponder (the random babbling that goes on in my head, and may go on for a day or two . . . sometimes even 3): 

What could I do that hasn’t already been done to death?  What about color–will these colors work well together?  Ooooh–I wonder if I could use this (which I already have on hand)?  Ugh, nope–that’s not gonna work.  Oh–this would be perfect!  ACK! . . . On 2nd thought, no, it won’t–who would spend 3 hours messing around with this?  OK, back to the drawing board.  Oh, here’s another idea . . . but, do I have all the supplies & materials on hand suitable for this, or do I have to go shop for ‘em?  Yikes!  Can I get that here on the island?  There’s no time to mail order it or even get off the Rock for a shopping excursion!  Double ACK!  OK, back to square one again . . . Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

On many occasions, I’ll finally get most of it worked out in my head, get started on it (after all, the clock is ticking!), and then . . .

Uh oh . . . this color combo is not panning out at all.  Try again.  OK, neither is that one!  Shoot!  OK, switch gears and use _____.  OK, that’s better!  Now we’re groovin’!  This will go here, and that will go there, and . . . well, where in the world am I gonna put this thing???? GAAAAH!!!  IT’S TOO BIG!!!   But, I have to put SOMETHING there!  What have I got in my stash? 

(hours go by . . . digging for that thing I know I bought 144 of, about 3 months ago, that would be absolutely PERFECT for this . . . and the studio looks like a hurricane has blasted through and leveled the place)

No luck. Gotta make a run to the LSS and see if they have something, ANYTHING I can plop onto this and make work!  Mad dash to town, hair in complete disarray and lookin’ like sumpin’ the cat drug in . . .

2 hours scouring every nook and cranny of the store, as I am easily distracted by many things that I DID NOT come expressly in search of  . . . and 

AHA!  This will do the trick!  Oh, good grief!!!  They don’t come individually.  What am I gonna do with a package of 24 of these???!!!  NEVER MIND–you have a deadline!!! (internal shrieking!) OK, alright, already!

Back home, and it’s finished (clock is ticking louder at this point), packaged and ready to ship, and . . .  AAAAAAAAND . . .

I’ve forgotten to photograph it . . . and do the write up . . .    ………………………………..

Holiday07cocktails4pt_6 But, that didn’t happen with these.  No, the Muse smiled down upon me as I worked on that request . . . Here’s a sneak peek of one of the three, that I can share:

"Join us 4 cocktails", p. 68

I really loved how this particular design turned out, and spot-on with the first attempt!  There are matching martini glass markers, too!    *wicked*

And, my Snowflake Popcorn Pail is on p. 47–altho I did have to run into the LSS to find the sparkly Melissa Francis Chipboard Snowflake (variety pack, not individually, of course)–only took me about 10 minutes that time around . . . *chuckle*

You’ll find all the supplies, materials, and instructions for these projects inside this issue.

Our own Scoopy has the cutest "Noel Hanging", p. 81!  And, it’s her first publication!  Yea, Scoopster!  Exciting!

There are also a number of great designs by fellow Splitcoasters–it’s a very inspiring and fun special issue!  I thought the cover turned out fantastic, and by golly, I believe that’s Cover Girl Tracy Durcan’s "Happy Holidays" design featured there!  Congrats, Tracy!

Yes, a good mail day indeedy!

  1. Julie- I had to go out and buy this magazine, and I just LOVE your designs!

  2. Well, I ran right out and got what I thought was the right magazine, Holiday Projects, and when I got home, it was the wrong one! So, now, I have to PaperCrafts holiday mags! Trudee is in there, too! Now, all I need is time to sit down and absorb all the brilliance! Congratulations! And thanks for your hints on publishing.

  3. Can I tell ya…when I picked up my copy the other day I flipped right to that page, and what comes to mind…”That is so Julie.” Then I look at the name and whadya know?? Hugs!

  4. HUGE congrats! And a great card to boot! I think it’s harder when there are constraints put on you too. You’d think maybe it’d be less constraining because there are less choices to make…but it’s not. It’s like telling a child they can’t have a piece of candy…then that is ALL they want. LOL.


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