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By tomorrow, you’ll be able to see the new A Muse clear sets in all their glory! They’re AWESOME!  I love the versatility of this sports themed set–Hayley plays Varsity Volleyball (her reconstructed ACL is doing great–thank you to all that have continued to ask about her progress!).  I’m so excited to have  a VOLLEYBALL stamp for the first time!

I sat there thinking, I need SOMETHING to make a net with, and then *SNAP*

OF COURSE!!!  The Black Argyle Band Note Card does the trick! 


  Several cuppas a day, keep the snoozies away!  It’s *really* hard for me to tear myself away from the Coffee Break Set–coffee is my favorite fruit, doncha’ know!  *chuckle*

I used a soft Baby Blue Copic to color in the the mug, and then used Light Rouge to color in the  dots–it a softer red than Cadmium–not quite so intense, and lent itself very well to the "creamy" effect I was going for on this design!  Do you *love* the new 4-bar Polka Dot notes or what???!!    Linda has dubbed this series of Notes the "Kitchen Collection"  They just make me so dang HAPPY!!!  *mondo grin*


The Birthday Builder Set is so crisp, bold, and graphic!  I *love* the font used on the numbers and the sentiments!  It’s just so *clean*!  And, the card on the left features the sophisticated Madeira collection of 4-bar notes in brown.  It’s a yummy dusty cocoa color, and I love the international influence of this particular pattern!  It’s just so chic, I can hardly stand it!  (gleeful chortling!)


I used some gorgeous bronze metallic card stock by Cardenon Stardreams, to create the raised scallop frame effect, and after stamping "21" with Brilliance Coffee Bean, and heat setting, I cleaned the stamp very thoroughly, and stamped over it again with the Tsukineko Glue Pad, and dumped Prisma Glitter onto it.  I think this would be the perfect birthday card for a 21 yr. old!


Sometimes, it’s so hard to get all the little details on film, that make a card have just that little extra specialness about ‘em, UKWIM?This image isn’t as clear as I’d like, but, I wanted to show how I made a tiny tag from a scrap of vanilla card stock, and stamped the cupcake from the Party Time Set–so darn CUTE!  and then embellished it simply with a heart-shaped A Muse Twinkle Sticker.

BTW, A Muse’s new ribbon is so FUN to work with–I’m reaching for it even more often than I imagined, as I love the way the paper color underneath, shows through the sheer organdy in the center!  It has a great body, and holds its shape so well when tied into a knot or bow!

Well, tomorrow’s World Card Making Day!  I hope you’ll have a chance to stop in at A Muse, meet A Muse designer Emily, A Muse Instructor Novell, and mebbe even Adelina, one of our new Clear Stamp Team Designers, and participate in all the fun stuff they’ll have going on, including card-making for St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital!

Oh, and thank you for the compliments on the new heathered red A Muse T-shirts–all A Muse Instructors were just recently outfitted with them, and I’m not sure if they’re actually available for purchase, tho . . . But, A Muse did some AWESOME chocolate Tees with sparkly A Muse logos, and, if you get a chance to pop into the shop, you are *so* gonna want one of those!  I know I do . . . A girl can never have too many A Muse Tees . .. *wink*

Happy Friday!  Enjoy the weekend!

  1. You are on a roll!!! They’re ALL great…could I please have one quarter of you energy (and talent)?!?

  2. I am dying! Here I am in Hawaii wishing I was making cards?? Isn’t that wrong!? Your tempting card candy is just beautiful, you are the queen of color!! All of you cards just “Wow me”.

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