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Warmigloowishes2 Warm Winter Wishes Recipe:
All Stamp Images by Elzybells, NA
Brilliance Graphite Black Ink by Tsukineko
Copic Markers (Frost Blue, Africano, Sand, Pea Green, New Leaf, Cadmium Yellow, Light Rouge) 
4 Bar Blue Raspberry Note Card by A Muse Art Stamps
Snowflake Brad by Making Memories
Red Piped Organdy Ribbon by A Muse
Twinkle Star Sticker by A Muse
Prisma Glitter, Ultra-fine Multi
Sakura Red Glaze Pen
Sakura Quickie Glue Pen


It felt so very WONDERFUL to stamp a card just for fun the other day, that I decided this a.m., no matter how many gazillion things I had on my to-do list, I was gonna stamp just for me, by golly, before "running off to work"!

I’ll admit it:  I’m a sucker for igloos!  No clue why, but, I just adore them!  Must be from my childhood years of living in AK (Petersburg and Ketchikan), when my father was stationed at both places while serving in the USCG.  We always built igloos in the front yard in the winter time . . .  *happy sigh*

Of course, here on Whidbey, snow is more of an unusual occurrence, and it’s rare that we get enough to build an actual snowman, let alone an igloo. pppppffffffffttttttttt!!!  Accursed Banana Belt! *frown*

I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that Brilliance Graphite Black Pigment Ink is my personal favorite for working with Copics; I just love how crisp and deep the Graphite Black is.  I also love that after heat-setting the ink, when I go to color, the image lines do not feather out whatsoever!  While originally, I was annoyed at having to heat set pigment inks to avoid the feathering, I’ve just come to accept the fact that, for me, it’s simply worth this ink, and that heat-setting step, to achieve this kind of result with Copics! 


Elzybells.  What can I say?  They stamp so crisply and beautifully!  The fine lines on these images are absolutely AWESOME to work with!  FAN-STAMP-MAGORICAL, I TELL YA’ !!!

And, I just adore it when such a darling focal image can take such prominence, and all ya’ need is a charming sentiment to match, a great pre-fab note card (have I mentioned how in love I am with these 4-bar notes??!!) and SHAZAAAAAM!!!  Easy cheesey, lemon squeezey!

Man, was that *ever* satisfying! *giddy*


On another note, regarding the other day’s post, I am so very touched by the many messages I have received from those of you that also suffer from various forms of depression, OR, didn’t realize that this may indeed be something you suffer from, but have never had diagnosed!

*******MONDO HUGS*******

It does surprise many people to learn that I suffer from Clinical Depression.

I’m taking a deep breath here, before I go on . . . because while I’m not embarrassed by it at all, it does feel kinda "odd" (for lack of a better word) to share something like this about myself with many who may not know me on a very personal level . . .

My CD was triggered by a deep emotional trauma, in conjunction with low levels of serotonin in my brain.  Due to my family history, I was able to recognize the warning signals, and seek the medical attention I needed.

These were early warning signals for me personally:

  • Inability to sleep*
  • High emotional reactions
  • Extreme irritability
  • Constant weeping without reason
  • Inability to make decisions or prioritize
  • Feeling constantly overwhelmed and anxious/panicky, literally wanting to run away
  • Lack of interest in things I normally enjoyed
  • Withdrawal from social interactions and events

When the levels of serotonin produced in the brain are insufficient at helping the brain shut down and go to sleep, this leads to many of the other symptoms listed, and, if un-treated, many more. 

For many individuals, a combination of medication and therapy can lead to a natural restoration of the chemical balance.  But, for some, like myself, we will have to take the medication for the rest of our lives.  My body is so sensitive, that it only requires the smallest dose of Zoloft to maintain the proper balance of serotonin.  However, by the same token, if I miss one day’s dose, my body is also so sensitive, that it can throw me completely out of whack, resulting in nervousness, inability to focus, and dizziness.

Yes, the proper medication, in the proper dosage, can restore you to your normal, happy self!

I am indeed, by nature, a happy, healthy, energetic and enthusiastic individual–and if that is all it takes to help me remain my true self, what a wondermous thing that is, and I am so grateful for the medical science that make this possible!

Life is *so* good!

It really, really is!  And, I hope that is evidenced by the things I usually blog about here! 

One last word (OK, mebbe not the last, but, whatever, cuz I can talk about whatever I want here, right?! ROTFLMBO!) on creative people, depression, and multi-tasking: 

Colleen, I hope you don’t mind that I point out the comment you made on the other day’s post, but, list-making does indeed help greatly!  Most excellent! Thank you for mentioning that!

It can also help to create an individual index card for each task or project, ordering them by date due and filing them inside an index card file box.  Keep the highest priority one visible, and when completed, discard, and pull up the next one.

These strategies can be very instrumental in avoiding that "overwhelmed/spinning in circles& quot; feeling, which can kick depression into higher gear.

Don’t hesitate to take care of YOU!

I wish you a beautiful day!  And, ya’all stamp happy, now. ya’ hear?! 


  1. Wonderful article. I love your “going public” as it were, and the information to help everyone understand what is happening. Depression is not just going around with a sad look on your face, and your take on it will open people’s eyes.
    On another note, where do you get all those wonderful “Smilies” for your articles. They crack me up, and I would love to find them for my posts.

  2. ps: I tagged you today!!

    hope you are feeling better today:) Have a good weekend!!

  3. How wonderful for you to share such a personal part of yourself, Julie. I am sure you have helped so many with your post. Good for you for taking the bull by the horns and getting the help you needed.

    I hear you on the snow bit—I am a born northerner and am now in TX —no more snow (deep sigh!) I am mostly sad for my kiddos who have no idea what they are missing.

    Thanks for the inspiration—your cards are always magorical!!!! Hugs! Cammie

  4. Hi Julie, I commented yesterday & I think it was my first comment on your blog. I’m usually quite “shy”, I’m much more of a lurker! But in your last post, I thanked you for your honest sharing & how you related depression to multi-tasking & how difficult making “simple” decisions become when it’s hard to prioritize what’s most important. Today, I realized that those words are true, not only as a crafter, but for me in my mothering capabilities. I’m a mom w/ 2 young kids & I had a moment today at McD where I thought I was going to lose it! Then, all of a sudden, in a rush, I remembered what you were saying….and realized that I was feeling overwhelmed b/c I couldn’t sort out the cries/whines/needs/tantrums into a manageable “to-attend-to” list. I saw that I was experiencing the same inability to prioritize & “multi-task” difficult moments w/ my needy children. Anyways, it was such a light bulb moment for me, I told myself to breathe until I could focus long enough to decide what to do first with each of my children. Plus, I was talking to myself under my breath, trying to get myself to focus – boy! I bet that was a sight to see! But it made such a difference! It was just enough for me to put my boy down in the stroller, (I was starting to grip him just a little too tight in my anxiety), go & calmly talk to my daughter to help her calm down & continue with the rest of the meal. Phew! Only moms w/ young kids know what an adventure lunch at McD’s can be! Thanks again for your heartfelt sharing.

  5. {{{HUGS}}} to you.

  6. Just wanted to share – I have also been diagnosed with CD. It is a serious thing – and medication does help. you would fix your broken arm – why not fix your “broken” head? As long as it helps the person, and makes their life better – go for it.

  7. Better living through chemistry! Elavil is what keeps me going. Loving your little igloo!

  8. Great card, Julie! Love the igloo. Just be patient with the snow on Whidbey – it does happen once in a while! I remember one year, I was probably in about 6th grade or so – we had so much snow that the school buses had to use chains every day, had sand in the back ends to drop if they got stuck, and we had to walk out of our housing development to a main road to even catch the bus. It was awesome!! We had to have had about 2-3 feet that year.

    Sure wish we could get together and stamp together again sometime!! Hugs.

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