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Stamp credits, Top Row, left to right: A Muse Artstamps, Rhonna Farrer for Autumn Leaves; Bottom row, left to right: Stampendous, Lockhart

I received an editorial request to do an article, with accompanying artwork, specifically on the technique of Copic markers and colored pencils.  These are 4 of the 6 designs that I submitted with the article.  I’m not sure when it will be published, but, I sure had a ball creating these designs.  I’ll update when I have word of when it can be expected to appear.  I primarily used Making Memories (Gracen Collection) papers, with the exception of a few bits of other scraps that matched as well, and GOSH GOLLY GEE WILLICKERS do I love that Gracen collection!  It just makes me *so* happy–so colorful and cheerful!

Rewind:  I’ve been hording the 2 sheets of each pattern I purchased when I stumbled across them while out shopping with my cousin Janice.  I’m *really* annoyed with myself now that I didn’t buy 5 sheets each–it’s just so SWEET!  The store didn’t have the MM red polka dotted paper from that collection, but, when I spied the MME version, it matched beautifully, so into the cart it went.

OK, fast-forward back to now:

I pulled out some of my favorite open images that were best suited for this technique, and even got a brand new stamp just for this article, from Ellen Hutson, LLC.  See the slippers?  I just love that stamp!  I had to have the robe, too! *chinkle*  They’re just too fun and versatile!  They’re large and open enough to color or do paper piecing techniques with!  I gotta play around more with ‘em!

BTW, here’s what I listened to while working on these projects:

Linus & Lucy, by Vince Guaraldi: 

  1. I love each and every one of these! Your coloring looks amazing!!

  2. fantabulous my dear!! love each and every one of ‘em!!

  3. Gorgeous cards!! :D

  4. ummmm…yeah…what Carole said!

    FABUOLOUS is all I can muster! LOVE the bright colors and beautiful coloring (ok, I lied..i mustered a few more works!)

    (BTW-I added you to my blog roll if that is ok!!)

  5. Yum, yum, yum!!! Looks like yummy eye candy!

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