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Birdypost_2 Birdy Post Recipe:

All images by ElzybellsNA
Sentiment hand-written
Brilliance Pigment Ink, heat set (Graphite Black)
Palette Hybrid (L’Amour Red)
Copic Markers (Light Rouge, Blue Frost, Yellow Green)
Sakura Quickie Glue Pen
Art Glitter Transparent Pee Wee Kit (Caribbean)


Isn’t this little birdy just the cutest?  I love the fact that he’s in a postage stamp frame–I have a thing for postage related images.  Dunno why, just do.

Normally, I don’t ever stamp/decorate envelopes for my cards–I just figure they’re gonna get ripped up and tossed anyway . . . (duckin’ and runnin’ fer cover!), but I had to use the circular birdy image, too–it’s just so irresistible!!!  I also omitted everything but the outer frame on the birdy post image, to make a spot for putting the REAL postage stamp!

Omitting, as a stamping technique, has been around for eons, and means:  inking only certain parts of an image, as opposed to the entire image. But, apparently, it’s being given a new name:  "faux masking" . . .


I guess I just don’t understand the purpose of giving something that’s been around forever in art-stamping a new name . . .   So . . .  I ain’t gonna do it. Nuh uuuh, can’t make me! That’s right:    Julie refuses! (hair flip!)


Getting back on topic . . . I glittered da’ birdy with the Pee Wee Transparent Glitter Kit I picked up down at the A Muse Shop–eeek, waaaay back early summer–I know, I know–shoulda’ busted it out long ago, cuz that gliddaaaaah is so dang purrrrrdeeeeee!!! . . . Well, I’ve drivelled on and on enough, and must get back to work . . .

  1. :lol: I don’t think I’ll call it faux masking either. Nice job!

  2. This is beautiful! I love your layout and the sparkly birdie!!

  3. I just love that sweet little sparkly bird!!

    By the way, I like omitting much better!

  4. I like omitting better. In fact, I am going to try it soon! Love your cards.

  5. HI Julie!
    What a cute card! You are uber talented, but I know you know that :) Thanks for adding me to your blog roll :) I added you to mine too :)

  6. Love the “flip of the hair”. Just too cute and love the card too. You never cease to amaze.
    You go girl!!

  7. Hi Julie,
    I can just image da hair flip!! you go girl…your right that glitter is purdy!! love the little birdie!! Happy thursday! chris

  8. You go girl! I think “faux” anything sounds kind of dorky, so stick to your guns on this one! :-)

  9. faux masking????!!!!!

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