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Link: Making Memories Noteworthy Embellishment Paper.

I *want* this paper.  I *need* this paper.  But, it’s awful big . . .  no, I don’t scrapbook.  OK, to clarify: I do not like to scrapbook . . . throw all the tomatoes you want at me, but I still won’t like it.  But, that is irrelevant.  I like purdeeee paper, and I will buy it.  Cuz, I’m a collectaaaaaaah. Bwah ha haaaaaaaaaaa!!!–isn’t everybody?– *snort*

I wonder . . .  if I said: 

See here, now.  I likes it, I wants it. *muchly*

Buuuut, smaller

Preferrably 6×6".   

Could you get on that for me?  Right away?


So . . . whaddya’ think the chances are that the moguls over at MM would listen to l’il ‘ole me?

  1. I hate scrapbooking too!!!! But I love to make cards!!!! I am so glad to find someone else out there who enjoys making cards more than scrapbook pages!!!

  2. You *CAN* get these awesome Noteworthy MM
    papers smaller..they come in a spiral bound
    little book and it is called “Spiral Journalling book” It has 30 pages. and they are about 4×6. It includes the cool
    scalloped pages, bracket pages and others
    from the Noteworthy line. I got mine at
    Archivers. I hope you can find one…

  3. Sigh…I love this stuff too, which my LSS carries. I was hoping to get it for my design team assignment for this month, but it was not to be. SO of course, I just had to buy it. It’s GOJUS!!!

  4. I feel ya on the (non-scrapbooker) request! I bought this collection already but it is a little difficult using the scallops and circle paper…but I had to have it!

  5. LOL! I totally hear you about the “papah thang”. I’m a collector, too. Can’t get enough of it! I hope they listen to you!

  6. OOOOHHH, that IS nice! I hope they hear you loud and clearly, that would be GREAT to have in 6×6!!! :)

  7. I’m with you on the scrapbook thing, Julie: never, never! But I collect paper, too (24 of those large Iris plastic cases full!) I hope you get your wish. I love that DCWV has some little packs of paper and premium c/s that match the 12×12 size. And I mean the scale has been reduced (not on all of them – I checked).

  8. Just watch….we’ll see a 6×6 pad very soon – particularly since the queen, a/k/a Julie, has spoken. :D

  9. Just issue a royal decree and they’ll have to listen!

  10. Can’t hurt to ask, right?!
    [And here I was all about to suggest cutting it down - as if you wouldn't have figured that one out on your own lonesome! DUH! Bright lightbulb when I clicked on the link! NICE!]

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