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Cotw_oct_5_2 Happy Thanksgiving!
Recipe and Instructions:
Download oct52007.pdf

Well, it’s been a good week and a sucky week.

All in all, I have a great deal to be thankful for, and I’m thankful that this design was selected back in October for one of A Muse’s COTWs.

I call it a COW, of course, because that is funner (and, yes, I know "funner" is not a proper word, but, I really don’t care;  I likes it, so I’m usin’ it!).

It’s hard to tell in the photo, but she was colored with Copics, and IRL you can actually see the shadowing done along the left hand side of her, with the Cool Grey No. 1.  She herself was colored with Skin White, which is probably my personal favorite for flesh tones.  Blush, which is a soft pink, makes good, well, blush!  On the cheeks!  LOL!  I always hafta blush the cheeks–I guess I want everybody to look healthy!  *chuckle*

At any rate, this was from a DT assignment that I had forgotten to film, and had no record of . . . until it was chosen as COW!  Yea!  So, now I have a record–I always like to have a record of everything I make because it gives me a sense of progress and accomplishment.

Now, I gotta stop here, and tell ya’:  You *must* check out Nicole’s HILARIOUS take on this concept, using Super Hero.  Trust me!  You will bust!  I was absolutely HOWLING!!!  LOVE IT!!!  Genius girl, that Nicole!

I received my holiday projects back that were published in Paper Crafts’ Holiday Cards Special Issue, and in the box was some fun swag!!!  (Swag = complimentary goodies, like pretty Asian Paper from Stemma, Maya Road Felt Embellishments, and a clear monogram "E" stamp from KI Memories–I wonder if that was intentional?  Very kind!)

So, what could possibly be bad news?  Well, my refrigerator is on the fritz for the last 2 days now–the freezer specifically–a repair man won’t be here until next Wednesday.  This is *not* good.  After replacing the washer and dryer in early September, I thought major appliances were no longer an issue for another few years, at least.  Evidently not.  Most inconvenient . . . in-opportune (is that a word???) . . . and prolly most expensive

Again.  (BTW, the smileys I use are from Millan.  Camilla makes the most awesome smileys ever, and I am a paying subscriber to Millan Extra, so I can use the *entire* collection! They are ROCKIN’!!!)

At any rate, that’s the sucky part of the week.  The rest is goodly. (again, so *not* a word, but, I care not!)

I had to set my MCC/Online Teaching training aside and hunker down during that recent busy spell I had, and, over the last few weeks, as I tried to juggle work and catch up with my fellow instructors, I had very nearly decided I just couldn’t hack it/would never grasp it, and it was time to say, "Uncle", much as I didn’t want to.

But, then, I went and saw their finished classrooms (as I said, they have forged on ahead).  WOW!  These amazing women have inspired me to put my game face back on.  I may not get to where they are until the Spring, but, I have to believe I *will* get there.

Have you ever been interested in e-learning?  Ever wished you could take a crafting class, on your schedule, from the comfort of your home?  I think the possibilities for e-learning are so exciting with all the technology we now have available to us!

There are some very talented instructors offering some pretty cool classes, and more to come.  You can subscribe to the My Creative Classroom E-newsletter, too, so you will be in the know on what’s coming, and when, etc.  Definitely worth checking out!

Have a fabulous weekend!


If you are interested, Grandma Lise posted a very insightful comment regarding the differences in ADD and depression, please click on this link HERE, to that day’s post, and just look for her comment.  Thank you, Grandma Lise!  I truly appreciated you sharing that information, and hope it helps others, too.

  1. Sorry about the fridge!
    Love the pilgrim card and really, really hope you post more Elzybells creations!!!

  2. I’m a smiley fan!

  3. Your Pilgrim card is so cute!! Your coloring looks awesome, and I love the corn accent!

    Sorry about your fridge!

  4. Love your card! the colours are great and really like the corn and of course, the image is just tooo cute!

  5. I don’t know – my 5 year old daughter uses ‘goodly’ ALL THE TIME! So it MUST be a word.(BG) Love your blog, your creations, and your sense of humor! Hang in there with your classroom – it’ll click for you soon and then you’ll have a classroom that’s just as cool as you and your blog.

  6. Ahh! I love your little pilgrim card!

    I don’t know if this would help or not, but my fridge/freezer started to “go out” and my parents suggested unplugging it for 24 hours. I tried it, plugged it back in…. and it worked! Almost like resetting it’s internal computer… (even though it doesn’t have one). I’m not sure WHY it worked, I’m just glad it did. Anyway… it might be worth a try?

  7. Congrats on your COW! I’m gonna assume that means Card of the Week! I am interested in E-learning. Thanks for the link. Happy Thanksgiving!

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