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Link: Cornish Heritage Farms – Rubber Stamps, Inkpads, & Rubber Stamping Supplies.

OK, I just had to share this, because I just this very instant learned something new today about embossing powder that I did not know before!

Years ago, bulk buying embossing powder was such a big deal to me–EP was so expensive and I obviously needed massive amounts of it.  Oh, the SAVINGS!  (stupidly giddy at the time–insert rolling eyeballs here)

So, I got in on a bulk buy for gold EP.  I was *so* excited when my zip loc bag with 1 full CUP of embossing powder arrived!  I promptly put it into a plastic container with a lid, so I could just dip my projects into it–smart, yes?!

Or, so I thought ……………………………..      

What I was entirely unaware of, and have been all these years, is that that beautiful, bright metallic gold EP  must be stored in an air-tight container–truly air-tight, in a cool, dry location.  No temps higher than 80 degrees, and no humidity over 50%.  Otherwise?  Oxidation will occur, and the EP will TARNISH! ACK!

I have this big plastic container filled with tarnished gold EP . . .  I don’t use gold very often–I prefer silver and copper when it comes to metallic EPs.  But, now I know why every time I go to use that gold EP I bought years ago, I am *never* pleased with the results because I want a bright shiny gold, not a dingy, brass effect–if I wanted that, it’s a dead-on match . . .

Boy, do I wish I had known this years ago . . . 

OK, that’s the brilliant tip of the week, courtesy of the delightful peeps, Richard & Liz Pomeroy, over at Cornish Heritage Farms!   I happened to be cruising their beautiful new website today, seeking information on their yummy scented embossing powders, which I have used, to quickly help someone on SCS, and I stumbled across that tidbit, and nearly fell down dead. I thought it was *really* cool that they had that helpful information there!

Use it wisely! *wink*

  1. thank you so much for the information very helpful

  2. Poor Julie! All that gold ep! I now have the urge to run downstairs and check mine. :)

  3. Thanks Julie!
    I too LOVE that “Village Wrong” sign – so, so funny. Wouldn’t that make a great stamp?

  4. UHHHH! Mine is tarnished too…So now I have antique gold ep. Hmmmm. Thanks for the great info! I would have never known that!

  5. WOW! I have a ton of gold EP in a plastic container!! Guess I’ll have to come up with lots of uses for tarnished EP!!!

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