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What do I mean by that?  Well, whacked as in:  *must* scavenge and save every bit of purrrrdee ribbon from opened Christmas packages?

I do believe I terrorized the men-folk, in the after-math, as they were grabbing and stuffing discarded wrapping paper and trimmings into a large black garbage bag  . . . I literally *pounced* like a tiger, snatching up purdee ribbon and other treasures, shrieking in disbelief–I swear I spared at least 3 (THREE) other Starbucks gift card chenille mittens* from an untimely disposal!  (insert shocked eyeballs here)  Naturally, NATURALLY(!!!), with the one I received, I instantly tucked the mitten into my pocket–total no brainer! 

What is the matter with people???!!!  Do they not recognize potential card-making paraphernalia when they see it???!!! (disgusted frown)

*I was all set to give a lengthy explanation on what I planned to do with ‘em (next year, of course— OK, so that’s a joke in and of itself, cuz, I never did get my own holiday cards stamped this year . . . ppppfffffttttttt!!! ), but, since this artist has already done such an excellent job, I felt you would appreciate her clever gift-and-card-all-in-one idea, if I simply linked you right to it!

You know, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a gift card evoke as much glee as a Starbucks gift card does . . . *chuckle*  Why is that?  Happiness in a cuppa?  The guilty pleasure of self-indulgence?  I must admit, I got pretty excited over the one I received because, well, a drive-thru Starbucks is being built about 20 min. north here on the island.  There are only two traffic lights here where I live, population around 1900, so we tend to refer to Oak Harbor as "town".  Anyhoo, I ’bout gave Dave a heart-attack when I let out a little yelp when I saw that it was under construction!   We now have an Applebee’s, and a Home Depot, to accompany the pint-sized Wal Mart.  There’s even a Walgreen’s going up, not that I have ever cared for Walgreens . . .   I do declare, The Rock is gettin’ so "big city"! 

I wonder what it would take to convince them to bring in Target . . . ooooh, now *that* would be "big".  Uh huh! Oh, an island girl can dream, eh?! *wink*

  1. Hilarious. I was snagging and saving ribbon, too. I feel so much better now!

  2. Hilarious. I was snagging and saving ribbon, too. I feel so much better now!

  3. Not only do I collect the ribbon and embellishments on professional wrapped gifts…I also save the tags I made several years ago and recycle each Christmas. The first couple of years my family thought I was whacked when I asked for my tags back but now they just hand them over after unwrapping the gifts. I figure I spent alot of time on those and I give the same people gifts every year…so why not?

  4. It’s a true sickness! On monday I went to empty the garbage and I saw a shopping bag from a store called Reitmans (here in Canada) and spotted some “handles”. Well my mom was here visiting and threw it away when she got home from shopping. The handles were RIBBON. Nice wide grosgrain with a fab blue stripe down the centre. Um, Helloooo! I took it out of the garbage and carefully untied the knots and the “handles” are now safely in my ribbon jar. As I was using my teeth to untie the knots I was seriously thinking to myself….I have issues, this was garbage and now it’s in my mouth. Yeah, I know, gross….but nice ribbon. LOL.

  5. I’m totally as whacked as you – my family just roll their eyes and let me get on with it :) Happy New Year!

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