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Image credits:  ElzybellsNA  Ink:  Brilliance Graphite Black (heat set);  Copic Markers:  Cadmium Red,  Honey, Toner Grey No. 5, Frost Blue;  Ribbons/Fibers:  Black Gingham, Silver Cord by May Arts; Other:  White Poms from craft store, Foam Mounting Tape, Watchmaker Tin (53 mm) from Lee Valley Tools

I just love this li’l guy!  I haven’t made a holiday ornament in a loooooooong time, so it was *really* fun to make this for an ornament challenge among all the A Muse/Elzybells chick-lettes, "just for the halibut"! *grin*

I also love making ornaments out of these watchmaker tins!  Golly are these things ever useful!  I need to get more–I have an idea brewing in my head for something else that I could use them for–that would ORGANIZE some of the CHAOS known as:  The Royal VAULT (a.k.a. studio)!  *chortle*

BTW, thank you for the sweet comments that indicate a willingness to overlook the imperfections of the last creation I shared–you guys are so very nice!    I fuzzed. Quite warmly!  *chinkle*  Thank you.

I’m looking forward to this weekend; I’ve made a holiday shopping date with my daughter.  We haven’t spent much time together lately, just mother and daughter, talking . . .  being "girly", and whatnot . . . I can’t wait to take in the sights and sounds, hustle and bustle of the season, with her . . . we’ll lunch at Panera, of course, shopping bags all around us, sipping mochas out of those ginormous ceramic cups they have . . . if we’re lucky, there might be a vacant booth near the fire . . . doesn’t that sound lovely?  *happy*

  1. So sweet, Julie!

  2. Oh my…this is so darling!!

  3. Gotta Lotta Dotta goin’ on – Love em! Your lil ornament is precious!

  4. L~O~V~I~N the new banner & blog colors!! Cute ornament too. Have a wonderful shopping spree!!

  5. Love the new blog banner! So light and colorful. Really like the ornament too. The penguin is so much fun!

  6. Awwww…so cute! I love that little penguin and the snowballs!

  7. Adorable. Love the snowballs…so clevah!

  8. Woah, had to take a second and realize where I was at! Nice, new, fresh look! Love et. The ornie is adorable.

  9. Well this is just too flippin’ cute! I was about to tell you that Lee Valley Tools has these tins for a reasonable price, but I see now that you have them listed in your credits. (I’m such a ding-a-ling for not reading your post carefully…ugh). Thanks so much for sharing this adorable creation with us! BTW, I *LOVE* the new colors of your blog! :D

  10. The ornament is adorable! Gotta love penguins!

    Good luck to your daughter with her basketball season! I hope it’s an injury free one. :-) I’ve got 2 basketball girls myself.


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