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I have heard this fabulous, contemporary, a capella/vocal version of the Carol Of The Bells on the radio.  But, I’ve only heard them off-handedly name the recording artist ONCE after airing the song!  He is/they are male, and possibly the only "instrument" in the background is a drum (?).

It sounded like the announcer said:  Greg Ohnerant. (which surprised me, because it was obviously a group of men singing, in a capella, and the very last note sung, is incredibly low.  Fabulous harmony!

I’ve tried multiple spelling variations, but, have turned up empty handed every search–not just iTunes, but, all over the web!

If you’ve heard this song and know who the artist(s) is/are, I would love to hear from you!  Thanks!

It’s driving me nuts!  I thought the whole point of a DJ’s job was to promote the music they are airing to the public, but, if they don’t identify the artist, how’s anybody supposed to find, and BUY, this stuff??? HelloOoo!!!

  1. Glad to see that someone knew the answer. If they hadn’t, you probably could have called the station….

  2. I was going to say the same thing as the previous poster, Greg Otterholt. Go to http://www.gregomusic.com. Click on the the picture of the Christmas CD and it will link you to all the songs including “Carol of the Bells”. It’s one guy, just in many layers!

  3. Could it be Greg Otterholt? http://www.rhapsody.com/gregotterholt

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