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You know, I think there must be some truth to that!  I am still trying to come out of what Kittie refers to as the Christmas Coma. *chuckle*  Seriously!

Mebbe these will spark me *wink*:



I hardly ever buy myself new clothing or shoes since I quit (public school) teaching/working outside the home . . . just too hard to justify, when my husband has to wear suits, dress shirts, slacks and ties for his line of work (administrator), and the kids are always outgrowing everything, UKWIM?

Normally, I would just buy a cheap (and, revoltingly "unfashionable", according to Dave and the kids, all athletes, and all horrified, of course, at my taste in athletic shoes), $20 pair of Wal Mart tennies, and call it good for the next 5-7 years.  Yes, they would be butt-ugly, but, they would "suffice".  To me, tennis shoes all look the same, and they are all, for the most part, ugly, so, generally speaking, I am not about to spend boo-koo bucks on tennis shoes for myself . . .

But, among the many lovely gifts I received for Christmas, I received a Macy’s gift card (!)

I decided to use it to indulge in a luxury item:  new tennis shoes.

Oh, not just any tennis shoes! Pretty tennis shoes!!!  Privo Floats by Clark, to be exact!

BTW, Dave does not consider them the least bit "fashionable" . . . and, they’re most definitely NOT tennis shoes by his estimation.

Do I care?

Well, you know the answer to that:  HAIR FLIP!

  1. I love your new shoes. Exactly what I’ve been looking for! But I’m not real with it….how do you wear these? Socks, no socks? What color socks? Pants, shorts, capris?

  2. Those shoes are adorable… Don’t let anyone tell you any different…

  3. Hey Julie! Those are super cute! Love ‘em! I was laughing when I saw the title of your post because I have been in a shoe mood lately (and so has my 9 year-old daughter!!!!) I bought a new pair of black flats to wear to work the other day and it was just a thrill to throw away the old pair and wear NEW shoes!!! Hope you enjoy your new tennies and have a great 2008!
    Kelly Westlund

  4. they are suuuuper cute!!

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  5. OH..I have these in blue, and you are absolutely going to feel like you are walking on clouds. So incredibly comfortable!

  6. Oh, my — those are adorable and look quite comfy . . . great choice, Jules!

  7. Hi Julie! Happy New Year! Love your shoes, I need some new ones too. Lotsa hugs, Lisa!

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