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Link: A Muse News: 2008 Valentine’s Day stamps.

I gotta’ say that the owls just CRACK me!  Aren’t they a riot?!

You’ll hafta come back and dish to me about which ones made your must-haves list!  I’m always dyin’ to know what everybody else goes agog over!

Smugz to ya’all on this fantastic Friday! *chinkle*


. . . Oh, yeah . . . that’s a new word I just made up:

Smugz (pronounced: smugz) n.

  1. a group of kisses or "smooches" delivered to the cheek, while simultaneously wrapping one’s arms around a significant individual in one’s life (commonly referred to as a "hug")
  2. an expression of affection for one’s friends, stated at the close of a written communication, including emails, hand-written letters or greeting cards

Mebbe someone else has already made it up, but, I care not!  Today, *I* made it up, and I hearby declare it suitable for esteemed sniglet status!

  1. Well, I’ve already placed my order. And you’re dying to know what I bought, aren’t ya?! Here goes: the octopus and ‘inking of you’ (LOVE that cute lil guy!), the cuckoo clock and ‘cuckoo for you’ (LOVE cuckoo clocks; the kitschy-er, the better!) those sweet lovey-dovey cupcakes and the SWAK. CAN’T WAIT til they come in!!!

  2. I am a TEA fanatic, my pantry is stuffed with almost every kind of tea. It’s a little obsession I have. So of course I went right over to Amuse and bought the tea cup and saying, but as I was going through it all I saw the rocket, and that saying, so I bought those too, they are SOO cute, I then went over to the Elzybells site, and well I bought the Igloo, and a penguin. I really needed new stamps just before Christmas – insert sarcastic voice here- But how can I say no to Amuse? They are just TOO dang cute! hee hee!

  3. I bought “da bomb” and the bomb image too…and then of course a few Glitter Spicas. Can’t wait!

  4. I love the owls too! Owls remind me of the Tootsie Pop commercial that aired when I was a kid. I just loved the entire release! I just bought the squirrel and the ‘nuts’ sentiment…so CUTE! I am so excited about the fact that not only do these stamps work for V-Day but they also work for everyday cards (of which I send a lot of) so they’re what I call ‘dual purpose’ and it makes it easier to JUSTIFY buying! As if I need anymore stamps, I NEEDED that squirrel!

  5. Cute birds and card. I like your new word. I learn something new all the time-I had never heard of sniglets-way behind the times-Grin-.

  6. hello,
    never sit with a cup of tea at 6am and view things without interruption because~…
    you buy the tea cup and cup of tea saying,
    you buy the bandit and stole my heart,
    the owls and hooo loves you..
    and the clear shapes…
    i love your enabling abilities..
    Merry Christmas, blessed new year!
    {now off to work to pay for these bad boys!}

  7. It’s so hard to choose just a couple but the owls are a must have! i also can’t wait to get the “good fortune” sentiment!

  8. Just curious…did you flip your hair at the end? teehee-

  9. I love them all!!!!!!!!!!

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