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Cuckoobird_2 Cuckoo for *YOU*!:

Stamp Credits:  All by A Muse Artstamps; Ink:  Brilliance Graphite Black (Tsukineko) Paper:  Kitchen Collection Red Polka Dots (A Muse Artstamps); Coloring Tools:  Alcohol Markers in Pink, Light Rouge, Lipstick Red, Frost Blue, Honey, Sand (Copic), Fine Tip Copic-Proof Black Marker (Copic); Other:  Red Mini Brad (Doodlebug Design)


Well, the holiday season will do just about any woman in, in and of itself, UKWIM? Of course you do.  Well,  OK, I take that back. If you’re a woman, you do. *wink*   All this past week, I’ve had to shake the Christmas Coma off, while my children and husband have been on Winter Break from school, and home (OK, so that means "underfoot") . . . "Mom, I have a sliver!", "Mom, we’re outta’ cereal!", "Honey, can you help me create basketball jerseys for the team?  We need them by Friday.  Oh, that’s tomorrow, by the way . . . ", "What’s for lunch?", "What’s for dinner?", "Did you wash my practice shorts yet, and where’s all the clean underwear?", "Mom, I’m bored . . . "

Having the family around during *my* work day(s) is rather like being pecked to death by a duck . . . 

I don’t have any "fresh new art" that I can actually share at this time, so, I hope you enjoy the piece above, which was shared in the inspiration section of A Muse’s Online Weekly News!  Check it out!  There are a number of other fun Valentines by our A Muse Chick-lettes, as I affectionately like to call ‘em!  And Instructor Michelle Clark‘s adorable "Hoo loves you", featuring those hilarious owls, is the COW!!!!

Give it up now: MOOO HOOOOOOO for Michelle!!!   Uh huh!  DAT’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

So, in the midst of all the pecking, what have I been TRYING to accomplish?  Well, many, MANY things.  Among them, the final touches for listing a whopping two courses I’ll be teaching online over at My Creative Classroom.  Now, I say "whopping" TIC (Tongue In Cheek), because really, there’s faaaaar more to teaching online than meets the eye. 

When I was first accepted as a Faculty Member at MCC, I *sorely* underestimated what it actually takes to teach online–the knowledge and skill one must have in technology, and the time and diligence it takes to acquire that knowledge–especially for someone like me, who is among the least technically savvy in the universe!  Before you even begin to determine WHAT you’re gonna teach!  Holy smokes! ………………………….

As much as I have always wanted to learn how to teach online, had I known from the get-go it would be this all-consuming, I probably wouldn’t have committed.  If you only knew how many times I’ve very nearly quit, saying to myself, "This is just not worth it, and I’m just not cut out for this . . .  " But, Colleen Schaan, fellow MCC Instructor, has truly been instrumental in encouraging me to stick with it.  She’s a wonderful online instructor, and one of the most persistent individuals I have ever encountered.  I am so fortunate, and so appreciative, that she kept her hand out there to me, and pulled me up when I most needed it.

I’m tickled to say, that I have two classes that will be listed up for enrollment (another term for registration) over the next few days over at MCC!  If you’re interested in e-learning, the premise behind this new online institute for the creative arts–all creative arts, not just stamping/paper crafting–is one of encouraging and promoting an interactive learning experience between instructors and students.  These classes can include audio/visual presentations, discussion forums, possibly even online chats and virtual "field trips" (!) , all designed to enhance your e-learning experience!

One of the courses, similar to the classes I have taught in retail stores, showcases 6 card designs, featuring some super-adorable A Muse stamps that are scheduled for release mid-February, and I’m totally *giddy* about the gobs of fun I’ve had creating with them!  It’s called "Kawaii-sian Influenced Greetings".  OK, so that’s a word I made up, but, you’ll totally get it, if you take the class! *grin*

The other course is one called Simply Great Card Design, which I have wanted to do for a very long time, and am very excited to finally be making it a reality.  I’d thought about writing a book on this topic, but, figured that no publisher would probably ever consider me. (Translation:  I’ve been too chicken to approach a publisher.)  So, an online class it will be!

Now, even if my courses don’t interest you, which doesn’t wound me in the slightest (OK, I lied; I will be utterly broken-hearted if nobody takes my classes), there are a TON of fabulous courses listed, all scheduled to start on various dates in February, with the grand opening of MCC!  Be sure to sign up for their e-newsletter so you will be up to date on all the happenings and course offerings going on.  The Kick-Off will have some free classes, and there’s a fun contest you can jump into, and well, all kinds of things!

I made myself an instructor "logo" this week . . . I’m still not sure if I like it, BUT, I figure I can always change it and it’ll do for now.  It IS a chick’s prerogative to change her mind.  20 or so odd times.  At least.  Right?  *chortle*


Hope you enjoy some creative time this weekend!

  1. This card sooooo makes me smile :) That cuckoo clock and sentiment are so cute!

  2. Ok, first off, that’s one cute card! And secondly, I love your new logo! Great job, Chickie!

  3. Julie, I love your Cuckoo card! You’ll be a smash hit on classes, ’cause you ROCK!

  4. OMG!!!!! You mentioned ME…lil’ old ME on your blog…I just about fell over when I read it! YOU really are the WONDERFUL one and I am just so giddy to be teaching along side of you and the other great instructors over at MCC. (gals…you HAVE to go check out her classes…they sound AMAZING!)

    I too have been a bit overwhelmed with all the prep work of on-line teaching, but like anything else…it gets easier with time. I’m glad I could lend a helping hand when you needed it. Now if only I could help out with those darn ducks! (snort*)

  5. Oh what memories, of being pecked to death by the duck! Thank goodness mine are all older now, and they ARE memories! LOL I too was in the Xmas coma, and I think it has lifted…one son is here visiting, and he’s helping me reorganize my stamping room! YAY!
    Good luck with everything, and I can’t wait to see what you have in your classes! WAY TO GO, JULIE!!! :D

  6. Oh my gosh Julie ~ I LOVED the pecked to death by a duck comment!!!! I thought I was the only one who felt that way!!! Thank goodness, my kids AND husband go back to school/work tomorrow and I will be spending the day in my crap room (of course after I do some laundry, go grocery shopping and god know what else) but I will stamp darn it!!! LOL!!! Have a great day!


  7. Wow girly, you are really going places this year huh? Good for you, but remember to take care of you first as to not get overwhelmed and just simply burnt out!


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