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Link: Paper Trufflez: Well, I did it!.

OH MYLAAAANTA!!!! (Somebody on SCS coined that phrase, and it just CRACKS me–I can’t resist using it now!)     Thank you for all the encouragement and enthusiasm! 

Ya’all ROCK the rubbah world!

Thank you, too, for all the questions you have posted/emailed  about these online classes!  I’ve compiled the most frequent I’ve received, and put together a FAQ page.  If I receive any other FAQs, I’ll include them there!

For a direct link to the FAQ page, click HERE.

I am so excited about these classes, and so jazzed to have a chance to work with you!  (bouncin’! supaaah hard) 

  1. Congrats on what looks like a great start!

    I have two questions;
    1) Does the inability to upload and share disqualify one from either of the classes? I know its a disadvantage.

    2) What is your definition of “intermediate+”?


  2. hi julie! I’m signed up for kawaii-sian greetings! I look forward to learning something out of my comfort zone! :) aileen (also in seattle)

  3. Woo Hoo!!!! I’m signed up for both of your classes…I cannot wait!

  4. Julie ~ I want to thank you for your kind words to my site yesterday…man, what a treat from you to me !! It meant whole bunches :)

  5. Hi Julie!

    I can’t wait to take your two classes! My question is this: Since I am fortunate to live in Seattle and visit Amuse frequently, might I be able to go directly to the store to purchase my kit?


    Kathy McDonald

  6. I’m just sad that the start date is sooooo far away!! :(

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