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Link: Weekly.

Look at the fabulous design by Pebbles!  (shrieking!)

AND, the Inspiring Ideas by the rest of the designers, too!!!

Oh, man!  Too much stampy goodness for one heart to take, eh?! Nutsabtu_2

I’m giggling tho . . . my single layer squirrel design looks kinda boring next to all the others . . . I’m sittin’ here ogling the pretty layering they’ve done and mixing of patterns and then I came to a screeching halt at the design I did!  ROTFLMBO!

But, hey–all things considered, I did some pretty nifty colored pencil work on Squirrel, if I do say so m’self . . . *chuckle*

And, don’t forget to check out the Guest Designer article on Nicole Miller!  Dang, if that girl is not one of the most outta’ the box thinkers I’ve ever encountered!  ………….THUD!

Happy Friday!

  1. Really cute card — off to check out Nicole :)

  2. I love your design! I think it’s just adorable!

  3. Love it–sometimes less really is more :-)

  4. Yours is my favorite of them all Julie! I adore your style! I think all of your recently posted cards are super cute, especially the one with the rocket and the owls with a pink heart behind them; awesome!

  5. Just too cute, Julie!!
    Love your stories too … *wink*


  6. Cute stuff. HRR is still my favorite.

  7. They’re all very cute and beautifully made, but really I like yours and Emily’s best! They made me smile first, and look at the design detail second.

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