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A Muse has several openings–just click on the above link.

If only I lived in Seattle . . . *sigh* . . . my nose would be pressed against the glass . . .

  1. If I live in Seattle I would be in trouble, LOL, knowing my DH he would say: We move to China.
    I live in WA State but far away from Seattle (Yakima) so I have some craft stores around but they don’t sale Amuse stamps, really bad ha.

  2. Oh boy, if I lived in the Seattle area I’d be in HUGE TROUBLE!! What with A Muse, Impress, and more. Gotta visit someday.

  3. Oh, man IF I lived in Seattle, I would have PAY Linda to work there!!! I’d never have a paycheck ~ I’d be buying all the time. You know the saying: “I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go!” But seriously, I would LOVE to work there ~ I mean, who wouldn’t?

  4. I wonder how many stampers will briefly entertain the thought of moving.

  5. Not related to A Muse topic: Julie, 6 months ago, I remembered you did a critique of the SU! catalog. I really enjoyed your perspective on it. I was hoping you would do one again. Unless you are not ordering at all from it. If you are, pretty, pretty please! (dendill on SCS).

  6. Thank God I am far removed from Seattle. The only job I would have is washing windows, your and my slobber off the glass! hahahaha! Personally speaking, I LOVE the new tennis shoes, so “double” that hair flip!

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