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Not only did we get SNOW (a rare, joyous occurrence, lemme tell ya’!) on Whidbey last night, and I can’t get my van outta’ the driveway, all of THIS has been goin’ on, too:

Link: Julie Ebersole: My Creative Classroom Grand Opening!.

I posted an update on my instructor blog about MCC’s Grand Opening!  If you love all kinds of arts & crafts, and you’re interested in e-learning/online classes that work on your schedule, click the link to read more about all the excitement!

I’m pretty stoked!

Link: Introducing The Saltbox Studio

This is a fun new line that A Muse is now the exclusive North American Distrutor for!  WOO HOO!!!  I think they’re charming, and fun, and have a whole new unique appeal all their own!  And, the cool thing?  You can order online at their site, then hop over to the A Muse blog and shop there, and hop over to the Elzybells blog, and shop there, and your shopping cart follows you to all three places, making it easy to combine your orders and save on shipping!  SHUT UP!!!    Gotta love that!

Link:  Splitcoast needs your input!  Take a quick survey!

Got sumpin’ to say?  Wanna be heard?  Wanna give kudos or offer some suggestions?  No worries!  It’s quick and easy!

See???!!!  I done told ya’ there was a lot goin’ on all at once!

All the A Muse designers and I are busy makin’ samples for display at CHA!  Exciting!

So, I don’t have anything I can share today, BUT, here’s some snow pics!


I stepped out the front door to take this one, as Dave was trying to get the cars (ANY cars) up the driveway . . . it’s not a lot–only 2", but around here, it’s enough . . . they’re not used to it, like over in E. Washington . . . *chuckle*

It’s not that there’s a lot of it, but, it freezes over and I’ll admit that that’s what makes for the dangerous roadways . . .



Here’s Hayley’s car . . . Dave gave up after multiple attempts this morning at getting ANY of our vehicles outta’ the driveway and ended up grabbing a sledding do-nut, and took a ride down– darn near smashed head-first into Hayley’s car . . . I swear, I have THREE kids, not two . . . *snarf!*


Dscn9736_4 On the way home from Taylor’s basketball game on Saturday, we stopped by the lake before crossing Deception Pass . . .

It was FROZEN!  It was *weird* to see these rocks and logs people had thrown out, just sitting there!  Dave and the kids threw rocks and it was the most hysterical thing to watch them soar into the sky, and then plinkety- plink-plink, skidding along the surface before rolling to a stop.


Dscn9735_2 I let them stand on the very most edge, so I could take a pic of them "walking on water" Bwah ha hahaaaaaaa!!!), but, I wouldn’t let them go any further than that–it’s one thing to toss those rocks out there, and entirely another for PEOPLE to walk out onto it . . . I could see it cracking from under their weight . . . freaked me out!  I humored them only a tiny, paranoid bit . . .  See Taylor?  Just loves to taunt his mother . . . (mom’s eyes got narrow and her voice became very high-pitched and shrieking when he did that . . . )

Hope you’re staying warm, cuz, baby, it is COLD outside!


  1. This is just so funny, seeing you walking around in a t-shirt and flip-flops in JANUARY!!! Winter definitely isn’t the same reality for everyone, depending on where they live!
    I’m in Quebec City – here, the flip-flops have retired to the back of the closet a good four months ago!

    I can see how snow could mean trouble, if you usually don’t get any and your town isn’t equipped with snow plows. We had a *lot* of snow this year – the city busted its winter budget before the Holidays had even begun!

    Enjoy your winter wonderland and stay warm!
    Cindy :)

  2. Happy Birthday JULIE!! :D

    You take some of the funnest pictures! I love that one with your family on the ice, very clever to make them look like they’re walking on water!

  3. WOOHOO! Snow! I miss the snow. I might have to venture to Flagstaff soon because we are NOT getting any snow here in Phoenix. Hmmmm . . . hope you are keeping warm and keeping out of trouble!

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