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Posypot Happy Day:

All images:  ElzybellsNA for A Muse Art Stamps
Paper:  Madeira Green 4 Bar Note Cards (A Muse), Gracen Collection Patterned Paper (Making Memories)
Ink:  Brilliance Graphite Black, Heat Set (Tsukineko)
Coloring Tools:  Koh-I-Noor Colored Pencils, Alcohol Markers in Baby Skin Pink, Cool Grey No. 1, Honey, Brick Beige, Yellow Green, Pea Green, Pale Greyish Blue (Copic)
Ribbon:  Stitched Red & Cabana Blue (A Muse), Green  Gingham (May Arts)

Yaaaaaaay Friday!  Got an email from the managing editor over at Stampington Take Ten–looks like they’re gonna run that article on Copics & colored pencils in the Summer Take Ten issue!  Yippeeeeeeee!!!  Anyway, they needed some "stepped out" examples of the process to accompany it, so I messed around in my studio and got that done.

I never really used to be all that big on coloring, but, there is something about it that is sooooooo therapeutic–remember when you were in Kindergarten, and how happy you felt just coloring?

I have been enjoying talking with the students in my online classes–in the one class I gave a homework assignment, and I’m just amazed at how they’ve taken it to heart, and the level of participation just, well, makes my heart happy!

So, in honor of a happy day–a happy (FRI)•day here’s a happy card featuring this sweet little flower pot!

I bolted straight up in bed this morning, realizing I hadn’t set up the automatic coffee maker last night for Dave (he gets up at 6am, and wakes me at 7am with my cuppa and a kiss every day), nor had I set out a work outfit (trust me, after I work my magic, he walks out the door a hunk-a-burnin’-*sharp-dressed* man.  This I know from all the ladies down at the school . . . *wink*  )

But, he had an early morning meeting, and by the time I figured it out, he was already waving a cuppa under my nose, smooching me quickly and headed out the door . . . too late!  He’s wearing a Sponge Bob necktie . . . *chuckle* . . .

I heard this song for the first time, while visiting my sister’s down in CA–she was featured on Regis & Kelly.  The story of how she was discovered on MySpace is amazing and such a happy, feel good one!  Anyway, I had to buy it today, because, it’s *us*!  It’s Dave and I . . . and, man, it gets me right here–>

The Way I am, by Ingrid Michaelson

Have a beautiful, and *happy* day . . .

  1. Julie I am loving this card – the LO, the colouring, those fab ickle bits of ribbon!! Fab stuff :)

  2. WOW!!! Love the shading on that pot, you little Copic Diva, you!!!

  3. Congrats on the article…this is such a cute card for an example!

  4. Sweet card, Jules! I love that little flower pot. And a big congrats on your Copic article! So glad your online class went well too! Hugs!

  5. Yay Julie!! Congrats!! This card is adorable! Your story cracked me up! A SB necktie? rofl!!

  6. I’m thrilled to be on your blog list! Your visit to my blog meant a lot to me! Thanks!

  7. The cute and fabulous factors are off the charts regarding your card!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS for your article!!!

    Thank you so much for finding Igrid Michaelson, everything “they” have said is true, I love her. She mixes the simple and difficult aspects of life and music soooooo well. The song from Grey’s Anatomy really got my attention. It was fabulous. TFS

  8. I love this card Julie!! Congrats on the article.

  9. GORGEOUS, Julie! WOWZA!

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