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Well, it’s been a busy week–between the kids’ sports activities, gearing up for CHA, taking care of loose ends at home so the family will survive without me (once again, I am also reminded that *I* NEED A WIFE!!!) . . . and, topping that off with a head cold.  And, a ginormous zit.  Right on my chin.  I’m so annoyed. I don’t know which is worse, going on a trip with a head cold, or having a mondo zit on my chin that crosses the thresh-hold into a room before the rest of me does. CRIKEY!  One or the other, I can deal.  But, both???  That’s just not right.

I will be staying behind in California an extra few days to visit my sister, and I’m so excited about that as I only see her mebbe once a year, if I’m lucky.  That’s awful, isn’t it?  To live so far apart that you only see your sister MAYBE once a year???

Anyway, because I will not be home for Valentine’s Day, I stayed up until the wee hours last night making custom Valentines for Hayley, Taylor, and Dave . . .
I Treasure You:
Stamp Credits:  Mermaid, treasure chest, seaweed, "I treasure . . . " (A Muse Art Stamps)
Paper: Kitchen Blue 4 Bar Note Card, Madeira Green 4 Bar Note Card, French Roast (A Muse)
Inks:  Colorbox Moss Green Pigment (Clearsnap), Brilliance Coffee Bean, heat set (Tsukineko)
Coloring Tools: Alcohol Markers in Burnt Sepia, Lt. Rouge, Sand, Cadmium Yellow, Yellow Green, Honey, Blush, Baby Skin Pink (Copic), Melon Spica Twinkle Pen (Copic)
Embellishments: Heart Twinkle Sticker, Sheer Piped Ribbon (A Muse)
Other:  Wavy Edge Scissors (Provo Craft)

This one is for Hayley, of course.  When she was 2 years old, Disney released The Little Mermaid.  We had to have *everything* Little Mermaid.  I even made her a Little Mermaid costume for Halloween, complete with a sequined tail, and I painted her hair with that red hair spray stuff.  To this day, she still collects Little Mermaid stuff.  On the bus to her basketball games, she packs the Little Mermaid blanket I gave her for Christmas . . . *chuckle*

OK, back to the card . . . (good gravy, I can blather on, and on, and on . . .  *insert rolling eyeballs here*)

This was completely and totally inspired by Guest Designer Nicole Miller’s Inkin’ Of You Under The Sea card, with the new Octopus.  I just loved her take on creating an underwater scene, and simply HAD to try one for myself!  I LOVED her design, and I love how this one for Hayley turned out!

Initially, I had colored the hair with Burnt Sepia, but, it was too dark.  So, I colored over that with the Lt. Rouge, and it lightened, reddened, and brightened the hair color FANTASTICALLY!  Created a whole new color!  I was so thrilled, because . . . seriously?  I hate it when I have to start all over again because I botched the coloring, so I just gotta give a little Copic    on that!

The sentiment image actually says, "I treasure your friendship", so I omitted (notice, I said omit, not "faux mask" *snarf!*) the "r", and "friendship" when inking it up–gotta love those Dew Drops and Cat’s Eyes for maneuverability in such instances!

Sometimes, I just really like the effect of stamping my images in brown ink, instead of black!  Just remember to heat set your pigment inks, if you’re going to color with Copics.  I *love* that I can go over the lines of pigment ink with Copics without any worry of smearing or feathering of the image.

It was hard to pick up the sparkle of the little Heart Twinkle Sticker, but, IRL, it looks so charming nestled among the gold coins in the chest.  And, of course, AFTER I filmed the card, I decided I wanted the mermaid’s tail to have sparkles, so I actually just added Spica Melon Twinkle highlights to her, to finish it off.

Dang.  I’m gonna be singin’ that darn "Under The Sea" song all day long . . .

Must get back to packin’–flight leaves tonight!  I’ll share the Valentines I made for Dave and Taylor over the next few days.

Meantime, have a fabulous Friday!

  1. I just love your take on Nicole’s card! This is such a creative design! I love how you made the sea and I think that I am going to have to invest in the seaweed stamp the next time I place an order. It seems to be a *must have*! :D

  2. This card is just adorable!! I have a couple Little Mermaid fans at my house, too! :)

  3. Julie ~ This is just precious. I wish I could be there at CHA with you and all of the others. Can only imagine what you will be taking home with you…TFS :)

  4. This is adorable! She’s going to love it! Have a great trip!!

  5. Lol! sorry I am not laughing at you, you understand I am laughing with you!!:)

    Lovely card and great post!

  6. I love reading your posts…you always crack me up…fabulous mermaid card!!!

  7. Coooooool!! I love your coloring and colors. It really does look like an underwater scene. Fab job as always and TFS.

    HAVE A BALL at CHA!!!!

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