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Link: A Muse News: * Clear Stamps *.

I’m teaching a class online right now, featuring A Muse’s new Nature & Sushi Clear Stamp sets, released at CHA Winter in Anaheim.

They are so flippin’ CUTE!  I’ve had so much fun, I may hafta do whole ‘nother class with ‘em, just cuz they’re so hard to put down!  Yikes!

The new Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon is also absolutely divine.  Lovely weight that knots beautifully . . . *sigh* . . . and, ACK!!! I just went to pet my ribbon, and to my horror, discovered I had NO PINKS!!!

How in the world did I do this???  How could I have oversighted the pinks when last down at the shop???   Pinks are *essential* for Spring!  Criminy! *gob-smackin’ self*

So, I mentioned previously that I had some *tidbits* to dish . . .

I discovered something muy cool at CHA.  Memento Ink + Copic Markers.  It’s a beautiful thing.

If you are looking for a fast-drying dye ink, with no feathering when coloring with Copics, I think Memento is gonna be your new love in the world of inks.

We stamped.  We colored. We PIMPd! –wait a sec, lemme rephrase that.  Yes, Scoopy and I were testing;  I should say we POP’d.


OK, now that I’ve cleared that one up (ppppfffffftttttttt!!!  *insert rolling eyeballs*), looky!!!  One of the kind ladies from Tsukineko stopped by the A Muse booth at CHA, and gave us some Memento ink to mess around with.

Well, by golly, it may have been completely accidental on THEIR part, but, I believe Memento is the winning dye ink for working with Copics!

The true test, as Emily murmured to me, is whether or not YELLOW will smear or feather the black ink.

I stamped, and began coloring within a few seconds, like I normally would.  No feathering,  Not even when I came close to the lines.  Now, with every other dye ink I’ve tried, some feathering, albeit slight, would occur when I got close to the lines.

IF I aggressively colored OVER the lines, yes, feathering did occur, but not to the extent that I’ve had with other dye inks, including Palette and Adirondack, just when I get close to the lines.

Now, let me say:   Brilliance Graphite Black (pigment), heat set, is STILL my preferred stamping ink for coloring in with Copics.  BUT, I am pretty stamp-happy to have had the results I did with Memento!  I’m not sure when it’ll be available in stores–I think they said either March or May . . . but,  you don’t hafta take my word for it, of course . . . snag a Dew Drops when they hit store shelves and see what you think!

I’m sure this is old news by now.  But, a *tidbit* is a tidbit, eh?!

I’m feeling better–probably would be 100% by now, if I hadn’t been up until 5:30 am the night before last, with some last minute alterations I made to one of my online classes.  Man, I have not pulled an all-nighter like that in YEARS!  Yikes–DECADES! Crikey!!!  I’m gettin’ waaaaaay too old for that . . .

Anyway, I’m gonna do some research on that Umca/Umka stuff . . . I hafta laff, cuz I recall mentioning the "Nyquil Coma" to a lady at one time, and she looked at me completely aghast, and said, "Honey, why don’t you just have a good brandy before bed???"  Hmmmmmmmm.  That might not be such a bad idea . . . *chuckle*

  1. Great info. I bought a new versafine onyx and cannot get it to not run, no matter how much heat I apply. My adirondak has never let me down. Amazing how different it is for each of us!

  2. Totally unrelated, but thanks for introducing me to a-muse and elzybells. I cannot wait to try both lines, especially those incredible spring stamps. And also, I so enjoy reading your blog. You are a hoot! Have a great weekend and God bless.

  3. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Get some zzzzzzzzzs!

  4. Glad you’re feeling better! I’ve been checkin the tsukineko site every couple days and noticed the Mementos have a page with the colors now – woohoo! Looks like shipping in May.

  5. I wondered about how it would perform, since the lady SWORE it was great with Copics, but ya never know until HRR tells us so!!

  6. I’m SOLD! Wow, I can completely see the difference from your photo of the chicks. I’ll be hunting this stuff down! And btw, I love my Dew drops in metallics already so can’t wait. Thanks for the skinny. Oh and I am super bummed I couldn’t take your class. I do have the new clear stamp sets but everything else I own is in boxes… (we’re moving).

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