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Link: Outta This Funk: { Sticker-Gripper }.

SHUT UP!!!   …………………………

I don’t know Natalie, and I’ve never seen her blog before, but all the A Muse Chick-lettes have been dishin’ about how to best organize and store our A Muse Bling, and Tisha‘s, like, "Hey, check *this* out!"  OMG.  Natalie is a *genius*!  Totally Einstein worthy!

  1. Amazing idea!

  2. Thanks so much for this link – what a fantabulous site :)
    ….oh, and I found the framed DP you mentioned on SCS right there under “Home Decor” so I am a pretty happy girl right now!

  3. That was REALLY COOL!!! What a great idea for her needs! Thanks for sharing, too fun! :D

  4. FANTABULOUS!! And to think I was THIS close to buying a Clip-It-Up. Thank you!!!

  5. I just left a comment saying I would like to vote for the Outta this Funk as the coolest site I ever saw – except yours, of course ;)

    Thanks so much for sharing it!


  6. Oh I agree… that is absolutely fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing, Julie!!! Now I get to visit the hardware store this week :)

  7. Flippin’ awesome. That’s all I can say!

    *quietly walking away as I kick myself for buying the Clip It Up system*

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