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Happy Mother’s Day: Feltflrmday

Images:  "Happy Mother’s Day"*, Bracket Frame {from Clear Bracket Set*} (A Muse)
Papers:  Madeira 4 Bar Note Card in Green, Blue Raspberry Tinplate Paper (A Muse), scrap grid paper
Ink:  Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Dark Brown (Clearsnap)
Embellishments:  Felt Flowers (Stampin’ Up!),  Crystal Brad (Making Memories), Mini Dot Twinkle Stickers (A  Muse)
Tools: Scallop Decorative Scissors (Fiskars)

*Sneak Peek, coming 03/31/08 or 04/01/08

I think I like it . . .   This was *so* hard for me!  I must admit, I’m really not a big fan of "freestyle" scrapbooking and card making.  It depends on how it’s done, I guess, as to whether not I find it appealing???  There are a few people (like my favorite scrapper, Pebbles, whose work I study intently, and try to emulate, but never can quite seem to do what she does, the way she does it!) who seem to have a true gift for it, and I admire how they can pull together an eclectic mix of things that just wouldn’t seem to go together (at least, IMHO, they don’t seem to), and somehow, pull it off effectively, and make me think, "WOW!  I *really* like that, and I *never* would have thought to put this and that together in this way!"

This is one of my  "baby steps" at freestyle.  Technically, I don’t know if it even could be classified as such, but, what the heck!  I’m pattin’ myself on the back that I’ve given it a try. *chuckle*

A sweet friend had sent me these gaaaaaw-jus felt flowers, as she knew I’d wanted to try doing more with felt, and I thought they would work well on this design. (Patty, I finally quit petting them and actually used them!  Thank you! *smooch*  I know–I’m such a wretch!  DANG–those things are plush!)
It nearly KILLED me to layer three of ‘em together–   But, I was livin’ high off yesterday’s extravagance, so I figured, once again, WTH!  ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!

I love this bracket frame in the coming Clear Bracket Set–it’s just always been a frame shape that I gravitate towards, and I gotta laff that I always stamp it onto white/cream.  I decided to be bold and adventurous; this time, I stamped it right onto patterned paper.  I even resisted the urge to stamp something inside the frame!  Hey, I done tol’ ya’: I am tryin’ to be un-conventional!  So ya’ best brace yerself!  *chortle* 

I had this little scrap of grid paper that I thought would be fun to incorporate, instead of just plain white paper.  I think it added a little bit more interest because it is unexpected . . . I wanted to give extra emphasis to that pretty pink color, so I added the trio of Twinkle stickers to the right; seemed to balance the design nicely.

Yes, I do think I likey . . .

  1. Sometimes I look at your stuff and think, “How does she do that?” This is one of those times, Genius!

  2. Great layout great colors used very beautiful card !!! hope can stop by on my blog :)http://artycreationblogspot.com

  3. What an elegant card! I love it.

  4. I love it!! You put it together beautifully! I think you have inspired me for my own Mother’s Day cards. My mom isn’t really a cutesy stamp type person, so this style would work great for her. I love those bracket frames. can’t wait to see them IRL!!

  5. Love it!! Great card!! TFS

  6. This is *A*M*A*Z*I*N*G!! Everything pulled together very nicely.

  7. OH AND! I am even using grid paper. Too funny!!!

  8. Oh ya oh ya!!!! LOOOOOOVE it! I have trouble with “freestyle” too, but can you believe I’m working on a Mom’s Day card too? Right at this very minute? Too funny. You’ve encouraged me that I can do it!!

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