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Link: Splitcoaststampers Gallery – The Daily Grind.

Gallery’s up!  Check out the new Dirty Girls!

OK.  True confessions?  *Jealous*   Yup.  There.  I said it.  PEA GREEN I am!!!   It’s probably one of my most favorite gallery themes ever, and I ended up with zero time to make anything for it. ZERO!!!  AGAIN!!! So, I’m indulging myself in a wee pity party.

I started on a project, thinking, "If I could just get ONE thing done for that gallery!  It would make me so *happy* cuz I {heart} this theme so stinkin’ muchly!".  Father Time shunned me, however.   I even thought about dragging stamping stuff with me in the car for during Taylor’s first Little League practice.  Well, whaddidya’ ‘spect???!!!  Desperate times gives rise to desperate measures!  I was havin’ the rubbah withdrawals, for cryin’ out loud!!!

But . . . (there’s always a "but", isn’t there?) I have a horrid time designing when outside my studio.  I need to have access to ALL my crap.  ALL OF IT.  Granted, the studio (more like a closet, really) is currently in a state of pig stye.  I can hardly walk, every counter surface is piled high, piles on the floor, bags of things purchased 6 months ago waiting to be sorted and organized and put into storage drawers that I haven’t purchased yet.  I need Clean Sweep to come in and save me from myself . . . *sigh* . . .  I’d take a picture, but, it’s embarrassing, really.

I digress.

Maybe I’ll finish that one little idea at some point this weekend.  It’ll be late, but, better late than never, so they say . . .   

  1. Julie, after all the incredible things you’ve created for the Fan Club Gallery over these past few years, you’ve more than earned some “time off.” Besides, your inspiring and encouraging leadership each month is the most important thing. And maybe next month you’ll have time to “play.” :o) Linda

  2. The Daily Grind is an awesome gallery but I definitely miss you in there Julie! Hope you have time for creatin soon!

  3. You are hilarious! Your description of your studio makes me feel so much better about the constant state of mine! Once I get it cleaned up I’m too tired to stamp!

  4. Take heart! So many of us must be in the same boat. If we get a little time to stamp, there’s not much time for cleanup. I had a stamping studio that must have been more messy than yours. Surprisingly (to me, anyway), it only took me about 6 hours to dig out and put everything away. You can break it into “chunks” of time and do it. I love your projects and your fun and honest outlook. I hope you get some time to be creative today. I know for me, it must be cheaper than therapy!

  5. Julie, I find your posts to be so refreshing. Your “thinking out loud” style of writing is fabulous! Honestly, most of the time the rest of us are thinking and feeling the same things, and it’s awesome to have somebody say it “out loud”. Once again, you’ve made my day. You ROCK!

  6. Jules – remember – your fans will understand if you are late – just swipe your arm across your desk and clear some space and tornado through that project like Mater drives backwards through Radiator Springs.

    I must admit I didn’t check the gallery thorougly yet….

    I did want to tell you – your post about clip it up ideas made me think long and hard about ways to create faux clip it ups in my office (which has more wall space than free desk space). I put something up the other day which made me bounce with delight! I put it on the blog last night – woohoo! You would be proud of my outside da box thinkin (nods in delight!)


  7. Ok Girly, this post cracked me up! First off, when I get to really creating, it looks like a tornado hit my studio and then I get to where I can’t even work in there for all the piles of stuff! It’s a total mojo killer! LOL! So, I feel ya!

    I also agree that this was a super fun theme! You should definitely finish ‘that thought’ and make the card! We wanna see!! ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  8. You should sneak ur “cuppa tea” card in there silly girrrrllll.. I will act complETEly surprised!!


  9. Girl, you need to get in there and make something for the gallery! I had to post because I remember YEARS ago you posting your beautiful studio pictures on SCS and how fabulous it was! Restore the former glory! (I know, easier said than done when you keep bringing more *crap* home, at least that’s my experience!)

  10. DON’T DO A CLEAN SWEEP….they make you through out all your stuff!!!! Who said we don’t need 2 of everything…sometimes 3. Geez what would happen if I couldn’t find the first one, I definitely need a spare. And who can have enough supplies I ask. Isn’t there some silly saying like…the one who dies with the most stamping supplies wins? I am definitely on my way to winning that challange. Julie, hope your day went a little better. Hugs!!!

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