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Link: Weekly: Card of the week 3/14.   I’m a COW!!! Uh huh!!! Oh yeah!!!  Girlbun

Egg Hunt

Too much fun, eh?! All the details are at the Weekly (link above), so I won’t repeat it all.

Isn’t she cute???!!!

One of the most fun challenges for me in design work is to translate a vivid memory into a card and I just love it when I look at my stamp collection and BAM!  before I can say "Bob’s yer Uncle!" everything just falls into place.

If you are in need of some last-minute Easter ideas, I encourage you to check out all the other Inspiring Ideas in this issue of the Weekly!

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Meantime, here are a few more I designs I did for this release that I was particilarly fond of, and are appearing in this week’s Inspiring Ideas:


This one was dubbed  "Fur-ever Buns" . . .  I’m just lovin’ those itty bitty pom poms for bunny tails . . .  I needed some a little bit smaller than these, really, but, I just couldn’t resist . . . *chuckle*


Bunbskt Dunno ’bout you, but, when I was a kid, we often received those cellophane wrapped Easter Baskets, and that was the effect I was trying to re-create with Bunny Basket here . . .


This color scheme of Cabana Blue, Mango, and Palm, with the warm cocoa brown on this Blessings To You design seems such a nice one for Spring.  I’m anxious to use this again for another Spring-time design, not just Easter.

I gave this darling little Boy Bunny a bit o’ bling in the center of his bow-tie with a pale blue Micro Dot Twinkle Sticker.


Had to chuckle as I read about some of you suffering from "studio chaos" like myself . . . Misery loves company, I guess?  Bwah ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

I actually did complete two of the ideas I had for the March theme and was happy with how they turned out–one was a Tri-fecta!  WOO HOOOOOO!!!    If you’re curious, and an SCS Fan Clubber, you can check ‘em out here and here!

Have a super Monday!


  1. All three cards are adorable! But, I really love the one with the tiny cotton tails!

  2. Oh my gosh…your out of the box egg hunt scene is sooooo cute!!! I also love your Fur Buns, cellophane basket, and taggy egg hunter! Each card is so darling, and so clever!

  3. Awww Julie…. these are just DARLING!!!!! I especially love the little bunny tail! Oh so cute!!

  4. These are so adorable! Love your cards and those A Muse stamps!

  5. Those are some of the cutest cards I have ever seen. Love the first one of the egg hunt. And thanks for the tip on the Amuse newsletter. I can’t wait to try some of their stamps. God bless!

  6. Julie, these are ALL so sweet! I think I love the bunny buns best!

  7. I would have posted sooner…I had to pick myself up off the floor. LOVE, LOVE, LOVe that little park bench card! Hugs, sweet friend.

  8. melt my heart. These are so sweet. I love your new blog photo Julie! Happy bunny/chocolate/egg day.

  9. Julie, these are such cute cards! And good for you — getting to make some cards for the March theme! :)

  10. So so so cute! I love the fur-ever sentiment with the bunny butts. Perfection!

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