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Link: A Muse News: Fortune Cookie Tutorial.

I really enjoyed writing about Stephanie’s fab paper creations!  Everybody really fell in love with her fun fortune cookies. She’s such a sweetheart, and took the time to write out directions for me.  I understood her directions perfectly, but, it’s always so nice to have a visual aid, so I actually made one myself, and took step by step pics as I went along!  Worked out spiffy!

If you like making little paper 3D treasures, you’ll find them very fun and easy to make!

And, as for this last question, over a recent post: 

What the heck is tube steak?

That, my friends, is a hot dog, as someone kindly chimed in.  LOL!

I like a good hot dog, slathered in grilled onions and sweet pickle relish . . . but, whether or not I still will by the end of baseball season, after eating them twice a week . . . ?  And, mind you, they don’t serve ‘em with grilled onions down at the ball park; you’re lucky to get a squirt of ketchup and mustard and a bun-length dog for your $2.50 . . .   I’ll let ya’ know . . . *chuckle*

Or, mebbe I’ll become a domestic goddess and advance prepare a meal, carefully packed into a cooler, to take down to the ballpark for each game.


  1. As I contemplate what to pack in our cooler for the all-day fun fest we call a track meet, I am extraordinarily tickled by your knee-slappin’ smily! WHY do we do kid sports? Gah, I hate the meets! Okay…slap, slap, I love the meets, and watching the girls run until their faces are all red and floppy. I just hate getting up early on Saturday morning and sitting my pale, freckly self in the roasty baking sun all day. I am so glad to know what tube steak is…I never would have figured that out on my own!
    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Hee hee hee…now I know a tube steak is a hot dog. Thanks for letting me know.

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