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Been busier (bee-zier???) than a bee hive (not just a bee, the whole hive, I tell ya’!) this week!  *chuckle*

Posted the 2nd article on Stephanie Nishikawa-Yee!  I can’t believe she even hesitated to be one of our Guest Designers–isn’t her stuff da’ BOMB???!!!

The 2nd Session of Simply Great Card Design began on Wednesday!  The enrollment is still open, so if you’re interested, you can still sign up and get going; I’ll prolly leave enrollment open until Monday, and then close it, tho.

Kawaii-sian Inspired Greetings is an on-going, load & go class.  If you missed it the first time, no sweat; now you can take it any time.  If you want the class kit, but, not the class, you have that option, too.

I’m up to my eyeballs right now preparing the supply kits for 225 participants at the Precious Memories‘ 9th Annual totally-sold-out Scrapbook Spectacular!  Gonna be a blast!!!  Have you been to the new store yet?   It looks fabulous!  I can’t wait to see it!  And, I’m so excited about the projects I created for this event–I was really tickled with how they turned out!

Taylor had his first Little League Game of the season Friday night . . . And, whoever did the scheduling of the games needs a bit of serious gob-smacking.   Every one of Taylor’s teams games, unless it’s on a Saturday, has been scheduled for 6pm.  This means we’ll be eating a lot of tube steak from now ’til the end of the season.   They lost by one run, but, Taylor’s never been a pitcher before; he did strike out 5 in the first 2 innings, which is a good start, methinks!

Hayley just got a job down at one of our local restaurants on the waterfront–the one that serves one of my absolute favorites:  Penn Cove mussels, in a delectable creamy broth that makes you wanna climb into the bowl and just swim around in, I kid you not!  If you’re ever on Whidbey Island, check out The Mad Crab in Coupeville, and have the mussels! 


Other juicy tidbits:

This coming weekend the A Muse Addicts are having a virtual stamp night!  Pop in there to find out about all the planned activities!   Linda and some of the A Muse Designers/Instructors are also going to be online participating! Good times!


I’m pretty excited for my buddy Michelle White!

Cuz she is opening up Paper Tales in San Diego!

It’s gonna be one of those magical destinations for stampers in California, I already know.  I mean, just looking at this, gives you a delicious hint of what’s to come:


Exudes fun and whimsy and all goodly rubbah stuff!  Like Linda sez:  Ooh la la!!!
(honestly, I wish I had an audio clip of Linda saying it–it’s just the way she says it that always makes me laugh!)

Mebbe ya’all will get lucky and get to hear that for yourselves–Linda’s gonna be there for the Grand Opening on May 31st, so mark yer calendars, and keep an eye on A Muse News and the Paper Tales’ site for more deets!  Michelle will be carrying the *entire* A Muse line!



It’s another week of burnin’ the midnight oil for me, so I best hunker down, and gidder done!

  1. I am lmao!! If you come to Texas, I would not fling “tube steak” around, especially in the context u used it in!! It means something completely different here. :) Thanks for the giggle!

    You completely crack me up!!! Have fun on your trip, you lucky dog!

  2. Did I see this scrapbook spectacular is in Hawaii?? I am SO jealous!! Good luck focusing on your classes!!!

  3. Did I see this scrapbook spectacular is in Hawaii?? I am SO jealous!! Good luck focusing on your classes!!!

  4. tube steak can mean several things..one is a hot dog…the other….well, email me privately…it really isn’t something I write about often. Back to papercrafting…quick!

  5. You bizzy girl, you! Good luck burnin’ that midnight oil! :D

  6. OK, what the heck is tube steak?

    One of our local microbreweries has Penn Cove Mussels. The menu says that they are from a farm in Coupeville, WA.


    I’ve never tried them. I’m not a big fan of mussels.

  7. I just love reading your post! They always seem to put a smile on my face! I look at all the goin-ons for the West Coast and it makes me want to talk hubby in to relocating (he works for NASA so there is always JPL-lol)! Thank goodness for the A Muse Addicts Forum and all the a muse related blogs (such as yours) so a girl in Alabama can keep up-to-date!

  8. I’m going to the Scrapbook Spectacular! It’s my first time and I can’t wait. Looking forward to seeing what you have for us!

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