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What a phenomenal event!  When Precious Memories invited me to teach at their annual Scrapbook Spectacular, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, as I had never been to it . . .



I’ve created a separate album with pics of my projects and the class–check ‘em out.


You could have knocked me over with a feather when I first peeked into the ballroom!  Truly amazing to see several hundred ladies all gathered together in one location, having an absolute BLAST working on their scrapbook pages and other paper-crafting projects!

I thought the Hawaii theme was FABOO (being 1/2 Filipino, of course, and my mother born and raised on Kauai)– loved all the palm tree centerpieces at each table–just so festive!  I even got "lei’d"!!! 

It was plain to see that the owners and staff at Precious Memories truly went all-out, putting in a tremendous amount of time and work, to make it a very special experience for all participants–they had fun/silly contests (OMG!  The Scrapadamia Nuts Costume?  SO STINKIN’ CLEVER!!!), awesome door-prize drawings and goody bags, wonderful meals included, and everybody was guaranteed a whopping 5 classes during the event!  They even had a great mini-store right there, that you could shop from while working on your projects!

And, it was so cool to learn that some groups–mothers and daughters, sisters, and close friends make it an opportunity to gather together every year, for a girls’ weekend away–to not only accomplish some scrapbooking, but, share good and memorable times with each other.  WOW!  What a fantastic tradition!

It was fun for me to see some familiar faces once again, from classes I’ve taught previously at Precious Memories, and to meet some new people!  It was also so gratifying for me to see folks enjoying the cards they made in class.

I only had one (I know–it’s a miracle that there was only one) mis-hap on this adventure–Mona drove in to hook up with me Sunday morning and we made a Starbucks run . . . on the way in to the Convention Center, I had forgotten something back in my van, and set my mocha on top of my wheely cart, to run back and get it.  When I sprinted back, I snagged the handle of my wheely cart, completely forgetting I’d set the mocha on there only a minute before . . . and there I stood, in a ginormous puddle of luscious, hot mocha  . . .

Seriously?  For one zillionth of a second, I considered callin’ "5 second rule!" . . . mighta been a wee bit gritty, tho . . . *SPEW*

  I was really glad only Mona was there to witness one of my greater moments of klutz-hood (I have many, many, many to my credit . . . )

At the end, my one regret was that by the time I got my gear cleaned up and packed out to the van, it was too late for me to hit the store at its new location, before closing time–many of the ladies were telling me it’s WONDERFUL, and totally paper-craftin’ heaven on earth!

Man, oh man, what a super fun experience for me, and, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to have a chance to come teach again next year at it!  Thank you to all of you that attended my class!

Glenda–that was a GREAT modification you did on the Bee card–plan to try that variation myself, as I loved what you did, and Lisa, I appreciated your help passing out kits–AND, that you were "firm"! *chuckle*

  1. It sounds like such a wonderful and fun time! I bet everyone fell in love with you!! :D Love your projects and fantastic photos!!

  2. “scrapadamia nuts” LOL! Love it! I’m filipino from Hawai’i and I thought that was supa cute! TFS … love your site btw! -bee

  3. “must go to east coast…must see fairfax virginia…must go to east coast…”

  4. Love your article, as usual. Sounds like you had an absolute blast there. I particularly like the ‘Scrapadamia’ Nut costume!
    I realize you had mentioned once where you get your great Smilies from, but could you post it once again? I can’t seem to find the post where you mentioned it. Love you. Thanks.

  5. Sorry to hear about your mocha incident and missing the store, but glad you had a great time! It was great to meet you and hope to see you there next year! I’m adding your blog to the list of the ones I visit daily….
    p.s. too funny, my back is in one of your pictures…second picture, sitting down in the white jacket.
    Have a great day.

  6. hee hee..ok I read your blog daily..and I’m a little concerned, your talking about “tube steak” and now you got “lei’d”…hmmm…you are too funny girl!!! now tell me, how the heck do you get those smileys in your blog? they crack me up as much as you do!!

  7. OMG, Julie, what fun! I taught at a crop this past weekend as well. We didn’t have as many as you though, only 95, but still, it was such a blast! I designed a tag for a scrapbook page and taught the class 7 times. I was exhausted (from talking so much, I think)! I love the Hawaii theme! You got lei’d, I got moo’d (we had a farm theme), what an experience!

  8. What fun! I love the projects! The colors and layout of the daisy card are TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yowzie, Jules. Awesome!!

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