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Link: Weekly: Card of the Week 4/11


Downloadable Project Sheet with recipe info and instructions are located at the above link.


I love walking the course, chatting with my husband, but, in all seriousness I’m pretty pathetic at golf.  I *really* love driving the cart, and have a tendency to put the "pedal to the metal", and "fly" down the fairway.  *chuckle*  Reminds me of an amusement park ride!

Dave knows a few lady school administrator colleagues that golf and this is a card Phyllis would totally get a kick out of–I made it with her in mind!

I’d seen a design where Linda had used one of the Mini Dot Twinkle Stickers as a golf ball, and I thought she was such a clever girl!  Well, she’s ALWAYS a clever girl, actually!  It was a perfect idea to apply to this creation.

I also love the pun–j’est makes me smile and I figure anything that makes one chuckle can only be a good thing, eh?!


This scout card is one of the featured Inspiring Designs for the week! 

When I was a kid, I was a Brownie.  I had to give up Scouts eventually, tho; interfered too much with my piano lessons (I think . . . at least, that’s what I recall . . . ).

I was prolly a very "shallow" scout, however . . .  I mostly remember that I just loved my uniform and all the pretty little patches . . . I dunno that I honestly gave that much thought to the task that had to be completed to EARN the patches!  Well, gee–I was only a first-grader!  *chuckle*

I just thought uniforms were so dreamy!  Musta been my admiration of my father and uncle when they had occasions while serving in the USCG that required them to wear full-dress uniform; I thought they were so handsome!

Anyway, we *always* buy cookies in a conscientious effort to be "supportive", of course . . . *wink*

OK.  I lied.  It’s all about the cookies. *chortle*

Well, it’s been a BUSY week, Spring Break and all.  We got off The Rock to visit my parents; started out rainy/drizzly, but Friday and Saturday turned out to be sunny and gorgeous–felt almost like summer, it was so balmy!  Good times walking down to the river, and a shopping excursion to IKEA down in Portland.

On the way down we did Blue C Sushi, which was a blast, and then on the way home, we stopped in Seattle to hunt for The Crab Pot, where we had a seafood "feast" (WOW!  So FUN!), and then took a walk up the hill to take the kids to see Pike Place Market for the first time in their lives! I even caught a "fish throwing" on film!!!  WOO HOOOOOOO!!!

That’s the thing about us Ebersoles . . . we’re all about the food . . . *chuckle*

  1. Julie
    You are so crazy. I love all your cards and the funny little whatever you call them…smileys. I love the busted one in the cookie jar. I think you should me a comedian. I’m surfing your blog now. You rock woman.

  2. How cute! I was just in Savannah…the home of the Girl Scouts! I did not realize that until I asked someone why there were girl scouts everywhere…only to find out the founder of the girl scouts is/was savannah!

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