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Link: American Idol: Official FOX Site.


I could not be happier for this young man, who I do not know from Adam!  What a great story, and what a remarkable musician and performer.  Incredible!

Go, DC!

  1. Hi Julie.. check my blog for some fun pix of David and my son… they are total look-alikes! LOL Patty http://pattystamps.typepad.com/pattys_stamping_spot/2008/05/will-the-real-david-cook-please-stand-up.html

  2. omgomgomg!! I love him so much!! I was so nervous for him! I agree with the girl who said the best American Idol yet!!!!

  3. OH YAY!! I Believe!

  4. Yahooooooo I love him! He got my votes!!! I am so so happy he won there was alot of yelling and screaming going on….I was so happy his older brother was there to see him win too…Bless them…I cant wait to get his CD!!! Yay DAVID COOK!!!!! Hes such a doll too :)

  5. Woo hoo! I believe the best man won! He’s so incredibly talented and versatile! Can’t wait for his first CD to be released!

  6. I was so excited and surprised he won! I was upstairs stamping a went CRAZY when the announced his name! The best American Idol yet!!

  7. Concur 100%!!!

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