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Images, Papers, Stitched Grosgrain, Twinkle Stickers all by A Muse Artstamps

Well, this is a pretty big day!  A Muse is celebrating 7 (seven) years!  WOW!  Be sure to check out the A Muse News blog today, because Linda has such a fun post, and something fun for 7 lucky winners that leave comments on that post!

I feel pretty blessed to have been a part of that growth, in one form or another for the last 5 years, and for Linda to have become such a dear and important friend in my life throughout that time.  She is one very special lady!

In honor of the 7th anniversary, I thought I’d list 7 of my personal favorite A Muse focal images!

  1. Spiral Daisy
  2. Tiny Bird
  3. Chair & Lamp
  4. Super Hero
  5. Classic Window
  6. Tree
  7. Owl Buddies

, , ,  that was a warm-up!   

7 of my favorite A Muse background stamps:

  1. Dotted Lines
  2. Big Dot bl
  3. Big bl
  4. Retro Rectangle
  5. Skinny Oval bl sm
  6. Stitched Pinwheel bl
  7. Canvas block

And, here are 7 of my favorite A Muse sentiment stamps:

  1. You’re da’ BOMB!*
  2. Friends make life blossom
  3. To one of my favorite peeps*
  4. Knit happens!*
  5. Sending you sunshine
  6. When life gives you limes, make margaritas*
  7. Just sittin’ here, thinking of you*

*I told Linda I wished I had these in stamps, and she made my wish come true!

Here are my 7 favorite A Muse papers :

  1. Madeira Green
  2. Kitchen Green
  3. Palm Solid
  4. Chiffon Green Solid
  5. Kiwi Tinplate
  6. Moss Solid
  7. Cottage Green Pinwheel

Here are 7 favorite A Muse card designs I’ve done over the years:


Pardon my lack of Photoshop skills, but, this was the best I could do, since I don’t have a copy of Photoshop for Dummies on hand to guide me!

Happy 7th, A Muse! 

  1. awesome sevens–and it looks like you photoshop just fine!! many thanks to you for getting me a muse addicted and for making me realize that i already owned a few a muse images before i even knew it!!

  2. I love your Happy 7th card! Congrats to A Muse!

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