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Mmmmm. Yes.  Most definitely yes.  When a girl hasn’t stamped just for the halibut in a few weeks, sometimes, she’s just gotta do, what she’s gotta do!

Today, I put something that’s been rolling around in my head to paper, and, –totally nailed it on the first run!

Virusrobot Stamps:  Images by A Muse Artstamps
Paper:  Orange Kitchen Collection Paper  by A Muse
Ink:  Robin’s Egg Pigment (Clearsnap), Brilliance Graphite Black (Tsukineko)
Other:  Dymo Label Maker

Why, yes, today I am indeed a clevaaaah girl!! (arms wrapped around self, chortling).  Isn’t this just the cutest thing???

I took just a couple hours off during the weekend, to take the kids to see Iron Man  . . . O M G !!! Robert Downey, Jr. is a total hottie in this flick!  Eeegads, I haven’t been to the movies since last July–really need to get out more often . . .

Anyway, this movie was totally worth full ticket price–can’t wait to own it on DVD–Iron Man *must* be mine!!!    If you’re a fan of Marvel comics, you’ll love it!  Robert, Robert, Robert . . . I’m gonna need an appletini to douse these flames! Mercy!!!

OK (slapping self), enough fantasizing and back to the rubbah!


Stamps:  Frame image (from Bracket Frames Clear Set), polka dot "j" (Polka dot lowercase Clear Alpha Set)  by A Muse
Paper:  Madeira Lt. Green by A Muse
Paper Flowers:  Making Memories & Prima


I also made a spiffy decorative liner using the new Madeira 8.5 x 11" paper for my Starbucks coffee mug! 
I wanted to embellish the center of the flower with these gaaaaaaw-jus Swaroski crystals Mona gave me, but, it wouldn’t clear the insert chamber, so I had to remove it, and substituted a mini glue dot, and sprinkled some seafoam ultrafine glitter, so I could have a bit o’ bling.  I’m not sure I really like the way I did the monogram, tho . . . the paper is *so* pretty all on its own, that I had a hard time covering it up with anything else . . . I may just re-do it, and showcase the paper all by it’s beautimous onsie . . .  I’ve had that gol durn mug since last fall, waiting patiently for just the right paper . . .  So glad I did! 

It’s awesome to now have some of my favorite patterns and colors of paper in full 8.5 x 11" sheets!  Yippeeeee!!!

Well, that’s all I got for show and tell for the moment . . . Hope your Monday has been maaaahvelous, as opposed to manic!  *chuckle*

  1. Iron Man WAS fabu! We saw it today for Mother’s Day!

  2. Love,Love,Love the robot card – fabulous!!

  3. Hhhhmmmmm, I may have to check out Iron Man! I love that cool card; Orange is so big right now, no? Love it with blue; And what pretty paper for your mug; so nice to see it available in the larger size now!

  4. Cute stuff, Julie!! Love that little robot guy! And that paper is most beautiful! Perfect for your mug!

    Don, my brother and I saw Ironman this weekend, too. HOLY MOLEY! We loved it! Full price worthy all the way! My brother is quite the comic book fiend and gave us all the background on Ironman on the way home. Thank goodness for Grandma and Grandpa for babysitting, because I really didn’t want to miss this one!

  5. Fantastic creations Julie. I especially love what you did with the mug. You are freakin’ brilliant. I have had a few amazing creativity moments myself over the years and just love it when it all comes together. It makes up for the times when things go horribly wrong!
    Have a great day.
    Hugs – G

  6. Yes, you are brilliant, Julie! These are adorable!

  7. Love it, Julie!! Iron Man is getting rav reviews, guess I will have to take the boys.

  8. Over the top cute and clever, Julie!! I LOVE it!!

    I will have to tell DH that you highly recommend Iron Man. He wanted to take the boys, but hasn’t yet.

    I LOVE your java mug!! You are so totally enabling me with the new 8.5 x 11 card stocks, girl! I almost threw them in my cart with my last order. Regrets!

  9. Woops! Not sure why my comment reproduced like that. Watch out!

    I also LOVE the java mug. I thought you made it for me for a split second. I love me some java!

  10. Oh My Gosh! Do you just love yourself when you come up with brilliant things like this!?! My eyes just bulged when I read the sentiment. Whoot Whoot! LOVE it!

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