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I forgot to share these creations which have appeared in the A Muse Weekly Inspiring Designs, for the month of April

The yoga girl (gymnast?) reminded me of when Hayley would do cartwheels out on the front lawn, so I got the idea to do some "motion" stamping to convey that idea.  I was really tickled I was able to pull if off.

The circle edged with scallops seemed to really suit the "rotation" effect going on.

All images and papers by A Muse



I don’t normally leave my people stark white, but, for some reason, on this design, I actually liked it–it seemed very crisp and precise. 

You know how sometimes you wonder just how far to go with a design, and whether or not if you do one more thing it’s going to ruin the whole thing?  Yeah.  That’s what I wondered about this one.  So, I decided to stop, once I’d colored the shorts pink . . .

I even slept on it overnight!  And, when I looked at it again the next day, I still liked it just like that.  So, I decided not to torture it . . .  *chuckle*

I thought it would make a great thank-you to someone who had donated support to a Breast Cancer Run fund raising event, etc.

All images and papers by A Muse


Springhive This one was such fun–I have NO idea why I like bees, and bee skep STAMPS–I’m actually terrified of bees! (musta been that movie, "Attack of the Killer Bees" that did me in . . .) I loved mixing the kiwi, yellow and dark to mid tone blues in this–seemed so cheery. 

I always remember to use the Twinkle Stickers, but forget about the Clear Stickers–I’m on a mission to use these more, because they are *uber* cool!  Hold me to it, eh?!  Sometimes, need prodding.  Or chocolate. Bwah ha hahaaaaaaaa!!!!

All images and papers by A Muse


Bunnyhello I pulled a little Beckster shabby-licious on this one, distressing the edges!  The micro oval made the perfect "rabbit" hole to have Missy B‘s sweet bunny peekin’ out of to say hello!

I loved how the layout evolved on this one.

Must confess to feeling massively brilliant over the total effect!

All images and papers by A Muse


Today I finished a design that I was so *giddy* about, but I hafta keep it under wraps right now.  Oh, the AGONY!!!   I’m hoping to get some "play time" soon to create some stuff I can show & tell.

  1. these are amazing—fantastic designs. I LOVE that gymnast one…so clever!

  2. I Love the spring card! Beautiful


    1001 acessórios

  3. These are so fabulous! I love the orange and pink combination for summer. And you’ve totally blown me away with your rabbit peeking out of his rabbit hole- such a smartie!! love love love these! TFS!

  4. Great cards – I especially like the colours on the bee card. Great combination. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. This are all fa-bu-lous! Thanks for sharing such awesome inspiration!

  6. You know I’m lovin’ all these, Jules…but especially that bunny! ;)

  7. Love these Jules – they are *BRILLIANT*

  8. Love all these cards Julie! I need to make some of your runner cards for my breast cancer 3 Day walk.

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