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I finally finished the announcements and ended up doing a transparency overlay onto white.  Simple, classy, but not stuffy formal . . .  I hate being behind and at the bottom, rather than the top, of my game, but, well, sometimes, that’s just the way it goes . . . better late than never, I guess . . . this was my personal favorite of all her Senior photos, done by Island Jenn.  These are a few more shots . . .

Hayley14bwlo   Hayley20bwlo

This Girl:  She’s stubborn, loyal to a fault, loud and giggly, with an infectious, friendly personality . . .  filled with unbridled enthusiasm for the things and people she is passionate about . . .  competitive like her father, persistent like her mother . . . compassionate and staunch defender of those unable to defend themselves . . . has a tendency to wear her heart on her sleeve . . .  I am proud of all she has accomplished, tremendously excited for her in all that the future holds, and yet feeling forlorn and anxious about her flyin’ the nest . . .

She’s always been a ball of fire–more self-assured than I have been or ever will be . . . We raised her to make up her own mind . . . to be confident, to stand up for herself and what is right . . .

Despite the headaches, exasperation of the drama years, and (all) the grey hair this approach has wrought (!), I have to believe we’ve prepared her to the very best of our abilities. 

She’s gonna do just fine out there.

  1. I know what you’re feeling as I have a daughter with similar characteristics! I think we did pretty good!!!

  2. Goodness, girl….Hayley is sooo beautiful! She definitely resembles her mom!! And from your description…she is just as beautiful inside!

    I love your announcements you made as well! So classy, and I love the transparency overlay!

  3. Hi Julie, Clicked over from A Muse to see your 7th anniversary cards. And then saw the pictures of your children. They are both gorgeous kids. Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation. The invitation you made is fantastic! Am looking forward to seeing you and meeting you at Stephanie’s in July, am taking two classes on Sunday afternoon. (I’m the one whose mother was born on Kauai as your mom was).


  4. WOW….FABulous announcements and that is one gorgeous daughter that is obviously quite the whipper snapper :)

  5. Holy cow! She is gorgeous! What a proud mom you must be, not to mention that she sounds like a wonderful young lady. God bless!

  6. She’s beautiful. The invitation/announcement is beautiful. You’ve every right to be proud. She’ll go far, this girl. She’s got fabulous parents to back her up!

  7. OMG!! I can’t believe you have a girl older than 5! But you’ve raised a model! What an absolutely gorgeous girl. I’m not kidding, she could be on the cover of a magazine, or in fact, whatever her heart desires! Your announcements are really elegant! Fabulous!

  8. Julie- Hayley is so beautiful, just like her mom- I still can’t believe you have a “college” age kid!!!
    Wish her happy graduation from us over here!!

  9. Such a beautiful card, her photo’s are stunning. You should be proud. What a lovely young lady.

  10. Oh Stunning Hayley – you have your mom in you – I can tell – What a stunningly perfect card Jules! Good Luck Hayley!!!


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