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Elena’s policeman design is the COW, and it had me BUSTIN’!!! I started laughing even harder when I read her description, just ‘cuz I know Elena!      Elena, my computer monitor and I thank you for a jolly good spewing!!!

Anyhoo, I wanted to pop in quick-like and share some of my designs from today’s Weekly Inspiring Ideas!

Julie3_2 STOP!
All images and papers by A Muse

I thought Policeman needed a squad car, so I modified the car from the Simple Wishes clear set, omitting (which means to not ink/refrain from inking) the gift that sits atop the car.

Tiny Star and a T5 Copic Marker (Toner Grey No. 5) assisted me nicely, as well as a Mini Dot Twinkle Sticker and Christmas Red Stickles–what’s the point without the flashing lights, right?!

The computer graphic stop sign was resized to suit the dimension of the overall card–and it cracked me that the Papaya Grosgrain Ribbon made the perfect centerline on the roadway.

I colored his uniform black, because where we live cops don’t wear navy unies . . . I wonder if that’s a WA state thing . . . everybody else seems to color them navy . . . hmmmmmm . .  (!)


Julie8 DUDE!  It’s all about the journey!
All images and papers by A Muse

My genius on this one was actually *thinking* to use the Scallop Circle for the sun on this one!  It’s POIFECT!!!  Glimmered it up a bit with some Yellow Stickles . . .

I hand drew the "wave" with a pencil on the surf paper before cutting it, as I knew I’d botch it if I tried to do it free-hand.  The fold line on this design is actually along the bottom, altho you wouldn’t guess that from the pic.  You fold down the wave, and there’s room to write a more personal message inside.

This design makes me wanna go some place warm, with sandy beaches . . . to take a nice long nap! No waaaaay would I put myself out there as shark bait!

Bet you didn’t know I was such a chicken, didja’ ?!           Shark

  1. I love your altered car, and perfect centerline!!

    Your sun is so purdy, and I love your big wave!! You are just too talented and clever, girl!!

    (Your smilies are cracking me up on this post, and your most recent one).

  2. both are too cute and creative! love that officer card! :)

  3. Hi Julie! Long time no see!!! I love this design!! My DH is a surfer, so natch it appealed to me!!!
    Love how you placed th fold!

    You have theee best smilies eva! Love the sharky one!!

  4. What creative cards! I love that the wave folds down and the ribbon as the centre line is perfect!!!
    Thanks and have a great weekend!

  5. These cards are genius! – Thanks for the eye candy! Everything about them – layout, colors – is inspiring.

  6. This is totally adorable Julie! The police wear black here in Tampa. I’ve got two friends who totally die for A Muse stamps, I can’t wait to show them this card, as well as the surfer card. We totally relate to that one here in Florida. Aw,come on, take a dip, those sharkies will only take a nip of ya! LOL!!

  7. *blush* I am so happy to oblige HRR! I think that your policeman card is just GENIUS!

  8. These are too cute! I love the little flashing light and the sun is awesome!

  9. These are too cute! I love the little flashing light and the sun is awesome!

  10. So you totally stopped me in my tracks with this card Julie! I {heart} the police officer and the car(maybe has something to do with my family??!). I am TOTALLY going to have to get these stamps. You are a GOOD enabler. Ok…so now I am sending a challenge your way…can you draw some hair and make a female officer???
    You TOTALLY inspire Julie. It was such a pleasure to meet you at CHA. (((Hugs)))

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