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Link: People’s Picks 2008 | NWsource.

HEY!!!  This is COOL!  Do you know Seattle?  Have you been to the A Muse shop?  I always feel a sense of bliss when I get a chance to go down to the shop–Nina’s window displays are so awesome! 

You can actually vote for them (once each day [!], from now through June 1st) for the People’s Pick 2008 favorite places to eat/shop/play in Seattle!  Just click on the knitting, sewing, crafting places to shop link to cast your vote.


So, where’s the best place in Seattle for sushi?  I love Blue C sushi in Lynnwood, but, I suppose that doesn’t count, cuz it’s actually in Lynnwood . . .

I also voted for Queen Mary’s under the dessert places
–if you EVER get a chance to go with a girlfriend, it’s DIVINE!

  1. Oh I *LOVE* Queen Mary Tea room~ good times!! I may have to take a drive on up to the amuse store for that super cop stamp! loved what you did with it!!!

  2. Queen Mary’s is the best! It’s one of my favorite stops when i come to Seattle. And i just had my first time visit to the A Muse shop and it was wonderful! Two super reasons to visit Seattle!

  3. Julie
    Yes you are brilliant. I love all your latest creations. It just keeps on getting better. Totally love the coffee cup and I want one. The cop card is da bomb. You are amazing. WOW wee is all I can say woman. I love them all. Do you ever make a BAD card?
    Unbelievable. (shaking my head in disbelief)


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