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Link: A-MUSE-A-PALOOZA: Challenge 1 – Color Combo!.

Geeta is hosting a fabulous color challenge over at the A Muse-a-Palooza blog!

I *LOVE* her choice of colors because:

  • It’s unusual
  • I would not have thought to try it
  • It gets me out of my usual color combo rut (celery + everything else, bwah ha ha haaaaaa!!!)
  • I always have the hardest time with purple colors and never really know what to put with it–so I always fall back on combining it with yellow!

I hope you will try it–I’d love to see your take on it, and you could win the challenge, so be sure to get yourself registered HERE as an A Muse-a-Palooza participant!

  1. I have a question on the rules…prob. missed it some where. =)
    I have Amuse stamps but I don’t have any Amuse note cards can I use colors that are similar to the challege? or do they have to be those exact colors that are listed.


    –Hi, Mary! Yes, you can use colors similar to the challenge that you have on hand!


  2. Thanks Julie! :)

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