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. . . what’s been causing YOUR computer to lock or freeze when you visit Paper Trufflez.    It was a widget called "Share".  I’ve eradicated it from both my blogs, so you hopefully should not experience any more issues.

My apologies.

And, thank you to Heather for alerting me about this!

  1. I was having trouble on your blog, too! So glad it has been fixed! I Love your blog!

  2. Thank the Lord! I was about to stop visiting and that would be a TRAGEDY! I love your blog!! Was this a purposeful widget or some hideous thing that is infesting all our blogs? Do tell!

    PS – If you do not have the BeeGees song Tragedy in your head right now you need to see a doctor :)

  3. I thought it was my computer! Glad you got it fixed!

  4. Thanks, I thought it was just mine. Almost deleted your blog.

  5. Thank you! Super duper quick for me once again! *wink*

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