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Link: Paper Crafts Mother’s Day Challenge.

Submitted my Mother’s Day Design on a whim, and was surprised to get an email from the folks at PC!  Fun!

  1. Congrats, yh!

  2. Your card is gawgeous daaaling!!! Yay, Julie!!!

  3. Your card simply screams JulieHRR ~and~ WINNER!!!

  4. That card rocks…love it Julie! Congratulations!!

  5. Your Mother’s Day card is gorgeous! The colors and neat pattern are so eye catching!

  6. Ha! I saw that card on the PC site today and I *knew* it was yours! It’s so Julie! Congrats!

  7. Yeah, how fun! Great card. All sorts of elements that don’t look like they “match” to the untrained eye (!) and then come together in one awesome card.

  8. Congrats darlin’ – love that card! Amazing colours. Also love the card you did for the inspiration challenge. Amazing work!
    Have a great weekend…. really having fun with these AP challenges!
    Take care – G

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