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Stephanie’s Paper Garden Boutique gave me heart palpitations from the instant I looked in her windows. 

I do declare I PIMPd when I stepped inside the door . . .

Stephanie’s boutique is filled with paper and rubber goodness and eye candy, everywhere you turn!


This is the A Muse-a-Palooza display–isn’t it faboo???!!!!


And, for the first time ever, I got to meet Missy Ballance, the newest A Muse illustrator, and her mama–both gaaaw-jus goddesses!!!  I am the stumpy pygmy in between ‘em.  I made ‘em stay seated so I could appear taller.  It did not work.  *snarf* 

Missy is a total kick in the pants–great sense of humor, and a contagious smile–I loved her instantly!  And, her plush creations are among the most charming things you’ll ever see–OMG!  Girl can sew ANYTHING!


This is Stephanie Nishikawa, the owner!  Let me tell you, she is one of the nicest–like QUEEN OF NICE–people you will ever meet!  Her cousins also work in the store, and they are both da’ BOMBS, too!  I watched them assist folks time after time, in coming up with their wedding and party invitations, and selecting the stamps and ribbon to make the most beautiful custom invites–they are AMAZING!




I also got to meet A Muse Addict Tracy Clemente and her sweet friend Michele!


Ken, Stephanie’s hubby, took this shot of the Simply Sensational Class, which I thank him for because my my muffin top is conveniently hidden by Stephanie’s stamping bar!  Ken’s the bestest!  And, lemme tell ya’:  All the womens love Ken!  He is an amazing card designer himself–if you get a chance to take a class with him, sign up IMMEDIATELY!  I saw his work and fell down dead!   Blurted out, "SHUT UP!!!"  He’s AWESOME!


Erik is the very first gentleman I’ve ever had take a class with me!  And, he ROCKED!  He’s a most excellent stamper, and he can do it with his son right on his lap, too!  And, that’s a proud Stampin’ Gramma holding her grandson there!



It was SO fun, literally *everywhere* I looked, to see samples–GOBS of samples by our awesome Designers– on display!!!

I set up an album there in the side-rail so take a peek at the rest of the photos–Ken was so nice to share the pics he took with me!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everybody that came!


Teaching is my absolute favoritest thing to do, and I had SUCH a blast!   I can’t wait to visit again!  It is indeed the Happiest Place in Sacramento!

  1. It was such a fun class Julie and you inspired me to come home and make another card – you can check it out here:


    Thanks again for putting together such a fun day for all of us. You made the ride to Sacramento from San Jose so worth it!!!

  2. Wish I could say I attended too, like some of the others, but I live way too far away. Maybe someday…. but TFS, I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and living vicariously through you!!

  3. Wow, I am sitting here wishing I lived in Sacramento!! SOOO fun! Thanks for sharing your cute pictures too!! :)

  4. Ooooooh, this looks like so much FUN!!!! I’d give just about anything to live closer to all this fabulous action. With so much talent in one room, ya think maybe one little drop would rub off on me??? Thanks for letting us enjoy all the fun, virtually-speaking.

  5. I am envious beyond words!!! What an awesome time you all had…I know everyone was thrilled to meet YOU! The QUEEN of rubbah! :D So glad it went well…and WOW, what a store!!! To die for!

  6. Julie, you are too funny; Muffin Top??? LOL; that store looks divine and I can see that the classes were a blast; if only I lived on the west coast…..

  7. WOW Julie – your classes were the most FUN!! Steph says you’ll be back so I’m ready to clear my calendar for your return. Had so much fun and you’re an absolute hoot!! Oh yeah, and you’re pretty durned talented too – lovely to meet you, looking forward to your return. P.S. – keep working on the “after dark” line…I’ll be the very first fan!!

  8. Looks like a fun cool store! Thanks so much for sharing your photos!

  9. Hi Julie, Your classes were awesome!! So glad I got to meet you. Look forward to you coming again to Sacramento and Stephanie’s boutique. It is the happiest place in Sacramento, it’s my home away from home! :) Looking forward to taking your online class this next week.

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