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Link: Paper Trufflez: Snow Place Like Home!.

Alana asked me to spill the beans on the oatmeal card stock I used in that design!

It is Speckletone Oatmeal, 80 lb. Cover weight Card Stock.  It is recycled and acid-free, too.  Made by Astro Converters; I got it at a Paper Zone store.

It’s nice stuff!  It’s on the smoother side, stamps nicely, kinda "toasty" in hue.  It doesn’t have "flecks", but, you can see it has recycled fibers.  I likes it quite muchly!

Mmmmmm.  I also had a recent card stock find when I was teaching down in Sacramento, at The Paper Garden Boutique:

Stephanie carries the highly sought after Neenah Classic Crest Solar White 110 lb. card stock!  AWESOME weight, smooth surface, nice bright white!  I was so excited, I bought 3 packages to bring home with me!  LOL!

Oh, the *madness* when one finds good paper . . . "wicked" good paper, as my buddy Shurkus always sezzzzzzzz . . .

  1. I too live where this paper is made but alas it is not available anywhere here. Sad.

  2. Julie… does that mean neenah isn’t carried at Paper Zone? I was going to pop down there from Vancouver (bc) in 2 weeks.

  3. Neenah Classic Crest CS rocks! I have a PaperPlus not far from my house…Love that store!

  4. Julie!!! Thanks for sharing :) I was so hoping you’d say you got it at PaperZone!! Whoo-hooo…I have one near me. Off to do some shopping I do go!

  5. hahaha your too funny julie ;) isnt it time for us to have another martini together?? ;)

  6. You ae my “Carol Duval” and I’m so wanting to take one of your classes. I will watch your blog and try to find something in the vicinity. SomeDay………..Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.luv your quirky sense of humor and really like your cards. tfs yourself….MaryAnn

  7. I LOVED that dang snowman card – ADORABLE.


  8. Hmmm…I’ve never seen the “Neenah Classic Crest” cs, but I drive past where it is made several times a week and it’s only a few miles from my house! I’ll have to look around for it!

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