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"And, I brought ya’ a surpriiiiiiiizzze!"

Look at ‘im Q’in’!  I squealed in delight!  I mean, how many men would be thoughtful enough to buy a garbage can for their wives???


Isn’t it the cutest thing?!! It’s so LITTLE!  And shiny!

Aaaah, but, you say, "BLECCCCCHHH!!!  What’s so special about a garbage can???"

Well, it’s brand new. 

And, he cleaned it.

And, he lined it with foil. 

And, then he filled it . . .


CLAM BAKE over the Dave-built-back-yard-fire-pit!!!  YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

This is amazing!  If you love seafood, you will flip over this!  Now, ya’ gotta know: I am the Anti-Martha–not because I don’t love her sense of style, cuz I’m a die hard fan of her sense of style.  But, I don’t live like Martha, and I don’t cook like her.  In fact, I loathe cooking. 

But, this is one of those exceptions because it’s so darn EASY and so darn DELICIOUS!!!  Just keep in mind that I rarely "measure" things; I guesstimate.


OK, brace ya’selves for this one!

Julie’s Eyeball Enough For Everybody to Eat Easy Clam Bake:

First of all ya’ gotta prep the can.  I haven’t found a metal strainer that fits this can yet, so we lined it with heavy duty foil.  m’K?  mmmmmmm’K!!!  After cooking, you can reach down in there and pull the contents up by the foil.

Prepare and layer from the bottom up into the garbage can, the following ingredients:

  1. Bite sized pieces of red potatoes
  2. Small rounds of corn on the cob (let the men chop these cuz they’re HARD to do, unless you have a clean AX or sumpin’!)
  3. Sliced rounds of Andouille or Kilbasa Sausage
  4. Thawed Uncooked Easy Peel Prawns with the tails on, (I buy the frozen ones at the supermarket and keep on hand for when we get clams and mussels locally)
  5. Mussels (our very own Penn Cove mussels are renowned around the world, and IMHO, the best on the planet)
  6. Clams
  7. McCormick Seafood Grill Mates "Rub" Seasonings sprinkled over top–about 2 Tbsp, per 4 servings inside the can
  8. Killian’s Red Beer (This is a good lager beer)–again, depending on how much seafood is inside the can, try pouring half or a whole bottle all over the top; it will distribute the seasonings throughout

Seal tightly, and place on the grill, over the fire and cook for about 25-30 minutes, or until shellfish pop open.  While it’s cookin’, cover your dining or picnic table with butcher paper and melt butter in individual ramekins for everybody.

Strain off the beer, and you can dump all that seafood right onto the table and let the family have at it!

Bliss, I tell ya’ . . . pure bliss!

  1. Hey!!! I used to work for a company who makes those garbage cans….I’d be excited! LOL!!!

  2. I’m in middle America and we use a cream can to cook just like you guys did but we pack corn on the cob upright on top of the can stick the lid on and it steam cooks.oh,and we use just sausage. It is delicious!!!!!thanks for sharing……..

  3. WOW, that looks amazing. Jealous of the fresh seafood. Here in WI we have a twist on cooking in the garbage can but we, of course, use beef. I’d much rather have yours! :-)

    Been lurking for a few months now. I loooove your creations!

  4. Hey! I have always loved your site now more than ever! After a severe auto accident in Dec that ended our trip back to RI, we complete it this past summer and had a blast! I am still recovering, I sustained most of the injuries, but it is good. We always have a big clam bake when we go back and this year was no different! Not they way you did but it was good! Have fun and keep sharing with the rest of us addicts!!


  5. almost like your on cape cod :)

  6. looks pretty dang yummy

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