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Like Jennifer, I don’t blog hop really–blog hoppin’ is like a vortex that sucks me in and from which there is no escape!   I’m more like an occasional peeper!    Seriously, tho, in the blog-o-sphere, I just dart here and there, totally random and from lurkdom, when I have a few seconds.

But, my eyes popped outta’ my head when Jennifer left a comment the other day–I am a big fan of her work, and drool buckets over her designs in books, and online, and she seems like one of the nicest, NICEST people to meet–I hope I get to someday.  Golly gee, I’m fuzzed!    (fuzzed = experiencing warm fuzzies)

I must confess I am hard-pressed to list blogs I love, cuz they are plenty (eek!), and run the gamut, but, I do have a MONDO blogroll there in my right side-rail full of many great and inspiring blogs to visit, and I invite you to stroll through ‘em when time permits.  Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get . . . *wink*

  1. Talk about feeling fuzzed…I’m honored to find myself on your blogroll, mondo or otherwise!

  2. smooch! :)

  3. I have to tell you that I know the EXACT feeling…Jennifer left me a comment on my blog a couple of months ago and I was giddy for the whole day! :) I took a class from her a couple of years ago and she IS very nice and totally down to earth.

  4. I agree…MONDO vortex! :o)

    Love the sneak peek ‘web in a bottle cap’

  5. Julie! Its Sparklinbecks from Splitcoast years ago! I was blog hopping and came across you! Hope all is well! I am adding you to my blog list!!

  6. AAAAAKKKKKKKKK!!! I’m on your blog roll!! Whoot! Whoot!!! Thank you your royal rubberness!!!

    (Momentary feelings of glee, admiration, and sheer idol worship are flooding me right now!! LOL!!)

  7. Love the term Fuzzed, I would be fuzzed too!

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