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Link: Artrepreneur; The Collision of Art and Business: Is It Bullying or Just An Innocent Request?.

This is such an insightful article, and wonderfully written!  If you are a creative professional, I would encourage you to read it!  I just found it so helpful!

And, if you’re not, I’d still encourage you to read it because I think it helps to understand WHY creative professionals may be in the position of having to choose to decline these types of requests.

  1. Very insightful indeed!! Thanks for this link!!

  2. AMEN!!! You have such a knack for sharing wonderful, well-considered viewpoints.
    Love you, Jules

  3. Great article Julie, thanks for the link…it always bothers me that some people are so obnoxiously persistent when it is obvious that the person doesn’t want to share the information…I guess that there will always be some folks that will be inconsiderate of other’s…

  4. Thanks for an interesting article. I totally agree that you shouldn’t share your intellectual property unless you really want to!

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