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Sounds like mission impossible, to be sure–I mean, how do you know what they’re gonna like?  Most of ‘em, at that age, are into radical sports (OK, radical to me–I don’t do anything that makes me break a sweat, UKWIM?!), TV, video games, computers . . . Hmmmmmmmmm.  Hold the phone!  Did I say computers???

Saints preserve me, I actually have a stamp for that!


–"Mom, I need a birthday card for John."
–"Oh, I can make one.  What day do you need it?"
–"In 5 minutes."

. . . just insert panicked shrieking right about this point . . .

It’s John’s 12th birthday.  He’s a pretty quiet kid, for the most part, with hair too long (teased relentlessly about lookin’ a bit too girly-man . . . ) and hangin’ in his eyes, but, he can be a gentle smart-aleck when he wants to . . . For the longest time, the only thing that boy would eat when he came over from across the street was candy.   I couldn’t feed that kid anything non-candy for nothin’.  He and Taylor would frequently trade Pokemon cards, and have "duels" and whatnot–something I never really quite understood, but, heck, they seemed to be having a lot of fun. 

His parents divorced a few years back, and he moved east with his mom, but, after a year or two, he decided he’d move back with his Dad, who’d built a new house a ways down the island. John came back rather tall, lanky, but, with that ever-present mischievious glint in his eye.  John does not play sports, and beyond having to attend school, doesn’t appear to have any other real interests, so coming up with a birthday card for him sent me into a major panic attack!

My saving grace, was that he does enjoy being on the computer . . .  Therefore, I believe I deserve quite a pat on the back for whippin’ out the above design in about 5 minutes for John!  *chuckle*


And, I think I’m becoming rather obsessed with these 5 Minute card ideas that keep poppin’ into my head–talk about yer instant gratification!


Stamps:  Mainly Men Stamp Set, Birthday Builder Stamp Set, Retro Background  (A Muse Artstamps)
Paper:  Neenah Classic Crest #80
Ink:  Brilliance Graphite Black (Tsukineko), Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Ice Blue (Clearsnap)
Copic Marker:  Crimson
Other:  Foam Mounting Adhesive

  1. Pure genius. Simple, yet packs a punch. The card equivalent of The Far Side! <3 it!


  2. This is PERFECT!!! And the sentiment ROCKS!

  3. I love techie-type stamps. Thanks for sharing this great card!

  4. I love it! You’ve got quite the eye and I love the humor!

  5. WOW ! Clever,quick and cute ! LOVE it!

    :-) Barbara

  6. Here I thought my kids were the only ones who asked for me to make them a card at the last minute. Love the card and the background. You are so cleaver. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This is a perfect card for a boy that age! I love the simplicity and the fact that it can be made so quick! Thanks!

  8. Leave it to you to come up with something so clever and perfect!! I LOVE it!!

  9. I love it! I too need to have a card just like that one- my hubby is a ‘techie’ by trade. That is an awesome card!

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