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Got a few questions about how to squish bottle caps in a Big Shot, due to this card, so here’s a quick low-down on how to do it:


First, you’re gonna need an uncrimped (a.k.a new) bottle cap.  See there?  The one on the left is "uncrimped".  The one on the right is "squished".

  • But, Julie, where do I get uncrimped bottle caps?  Home Brew Supply Store
  • And, why can’t I use a "used" bottle cap from tonight’s beer bottle?  Because the "crown" or "flanges" are already wonky from being crimped downward previously onto the bottle and subsequently pried off with a bottle opener.  Wonky.  You could try it.  I did.  They turned out deformed and would not crimp uniformly all the way around.  But, you don’t have to take my word for it; go ahead and waste a half hour trying. *wink*

Now, you’re gonna need a die cutting machine–You need a pressure based die cutting machine, not one with an electronic cutting blade.  I use a Big Shot.  Some use a Wizard.  Others a Cuttlebug.  Use whatever floats your boat among these style machines.

If you recently purchased a Big Shot, you more than likely already have the Multi-Purpose Platform (which at the time I bought my BS, was sold separately.  It evidently comes with the machine nowadays . . . ?).

You should also have two clear cutting pads.

  1. Open Tab 2 on the BSMP (Big Shot Multi-purpose Platform), and place one cutting pad on Tab 1. 
  2. Lay your bottle caps  on top of the cutting pad.  I don’t know if it makes a difference whether you place them crown up or crown down, but I seem to always place mine crown up, as shown in the picture above.  And, I couldn’t tell you how many I put on there at a time–I just put them on there with a little space in between, until my eyeballs say, "Hey, that looks good ’nuff."
  3. Place the other cutting pad on top of them. 
  4. Feed into the machine and crank ‘em through.  Voil√°!  Squished bottle caps!
  • Julie, I don’t own a Big Shot, but, I have a Cuttlebug (or Wizard).  Can you tell me the sandwich combo for doing this on that machine?  No.

Hope this helped!

And, guess what?  You can even set multiple eyelets the same way on a project, as long as it will fit through the feed! 

  • Ooooh, Julie, do you know the sandwich combo for that on the BS?  No.

I haven’t tried it personally yet.  People just tell me these things, and I pretty much figure they wouldn’t, if they hadn’t been successful/it weren’t true. 

Now, get busy squishin’, and if you make anything fab with your caps, come back and gimme a little show & tell with a link!  I think they’re cool and I’m always interested in seeing what others showcase in their caps!

Have a splendiferously creative weekend!


  1. Having a homebrewer for a DH also, I do have one hint. If you want to save a special cap off a bottle to use in a project – put a quarter on top of the bottle before using the bottle opener. It makes it a bit harder to open, but usually prevents the cap from being deformed.

  2. Well, I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks for your help on how to use the cuttlebug for this! LOL. You crack me up.


  3. OK – I am not going to “squish” anythng but you SURE did put a smile on my face!

    LOVE your humor!

  4. thanks so much for this!!! And, I love reading your posts, they make me smile – you are too funny!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  5. Thank you so much for the directions for this. I was so excited when I saw your card becuase my DH has recently started brewing his own beer so we happen to have lots of new bottle caps around, and I just happened to order the Big Shot for my birthday. So look for all sorts of projects coming up with squished bottle caps on them – perfect for the scrapbook pages of DH making his beer.

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