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The A Muse 2009 Calendar Project: Fund Raising For the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society:

Well, as promised, here’s my finished calendar!


I wanted it to be fairly minimalist, and chic, but, I dunno that I actually pulled that off . . .?

Still, I am really happy with how it turned out on the whole!

That’s a sneak peek there on the cover, of one of the new Tree sets we’re releasing soon!  OMG!  These two tree sets are so splendid!  I mean SPLENDID!!! Can’t believe how much fun they are to work with!

I was waaay jazzed to use my Rollabind CORRECTION:  BIND IT ALL — perfect for this job!  The only problem is that the largest size coils I had were 1/2".  I really needed bigger than that for the thickness of pages in this.  Argh.  Note to self:  Buy more coils!!!

The overall dimensions are 4.25 x 5".

I had to laugh because Elena and I had the same idea–she was faster to finish and explain hers, tho, and it’s just darling! Check it out HERE.

Our easels are very similar, but, because mine is larger/taller, I had to join the bottom of the backing pages with a separate folded piece, whereas Elena was able to do the whole thing from one piece of card stock.



Glue the folded tab along the bottom edge of one of the backing pages.


Fold the easel piece, and apply adhesive along the other flap, and then press the other backing page down onto it, and press firmly to secure.  So much easier to match ‘em up that way!


Here are a few of the completed pages:




Spiffy, no?!

One of my uncles was just diagnosed last week with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma . . . as it is for so many, A Muse’s fund-raiser  this year is especially close to home and heart . . . If you’d like to contribute to this worthy cause, and get a super fun stamping project that you can make as gifts for friends and family, hop on over HERE.

And, thank you for joining us in this effort!


P.S.  Keri and Tracy:  I hope you know that I didn’t think you were being mean in the least about pointing out the upside down iPods to me!  Trust me, I was *ROLLING*  (later on–after the initial panic attack, and shrieking, of course . . . )   *snarf* 

  1. I just printed off one of the calendars I ordered…now if only I had a Bind-it-all! No worries, I’ve seen so many amazing styles from all the wonderful stampers who’ve joined in for the cause, I’ll have no problem coming up with a calendar! I love yours with the black base! Thanks for sharing Julie!

  2. Very nice!

  3. i will be praying for your family. my grandmother was 84 when she was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma a week before mother’s day last year. she has since under went chemo and other than losing some weight, you would’ve never known she was sick. i am so blessed that she is such a strong woman and one thing she told me was this, “I never gave up. I never said I was going to let this beat me.” and she didn’t. she is now back at work (she’s a teacher’s aide) and doing well.

  4. This just rocks. I will be praying for you uncle. This is an organization that is near and dear to my heart, as well. Thanks for spreading the word

  5. LOVE the calendar! I picked up materials to make one last year and never got to it so I’ll have to make one for 2009! My prayers are w you and your family.

  6. I’m green with envy!!!!
    You are amazingly talented and creative! This is just stunning! Lost for words…

  7. Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial for the calendar stand!!! I love it!!!!

  8. I love the calendar! Very cute and useful…I need to purchase this so I can have a desk calendar! The upside down ipod was very funny! I got a good laugh today, so thanks!

  9. I totally love this!! And I love how you used black!! Awesome!!

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